Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Yarnarian Has Pictures.

So, I'm happily working on my lace scarf and lace shawl, plus other projects. These 2 are irresistible to knit, and I keep going on them. Do you ever have a few projects that call you nonstop? That's what these 2 are doing to me. Here's a pic of the scarf, that may turn into a shawl when finished and blocked. I cannot tell which it's going to be, and when you look at the pics, you'll understand what I mean. The color is violet. My camera thinks it blue. So the more violet one is the correct color, more or less, maybe. arrgh.

And here's a good pic of my new shawl. I'm knitting this in my newest yarn, Judith, 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/silk. Not superwash, but who washes lace shawls in the machine anyhow? I think I said that in a previous post. Good grief, the woman is repeating herself. Size 6 needles.

Purchase: Look what I had made for me as a custom wallet:

Here's the inside of it, the color is a bit off because I really blew it up so you could see.

I have one of these in wristlet form, and it holds everything. You would be amazed at what you can stuff into it. Wristlets, however, are bad on my wrists, so I asked Julia to make a long strap that I could wear diagonally. To tell the truth, I just asked for a long strap, and she came up with the diagonal idea.

I bought it on Etsy from Julia Martinez. She has lots of fabrics available, and she's wonderful to work with.

And that's it. Today is as usual laundry day. Every day is laundry day, but today I'm determined to actually finish a load.

Henya - Wait for lace when the kids are a bit older, then you can drape yourself in gorgeous lacy stuff.

Bishop Stone - My advice? Just work slowly at your lace, and count often. Also, try to learn your pattern: look at the graph and then at your knitting, and see what kind of pattern there is, where you yo or decrease. It helps a lot.

PS, the wool is to dye for. I couldn't help it. Had to say it. hee hee hee.


Henya said...

Your lace projects look so lovely, they are so seductive. Oh, well, one day, when I can find my brain.
The valet is amazing. Wear it in good health.

Bishop Stone said...

I really love your lace work. I am still working slowely on my first lace shawl. your wool looks so nice, I bet it is really soft.


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