Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Yarnarian Likes to Tempt You.

Wicked woman that I am, here are a few more pretties for your pleasure. I seem to have been in a sea green dyeing moment, because I just looked at my stock, and there's a preponderance of those greens with blues. I didn't plan it; it just happened. However each one is different, so at least there's some variety here. And I'm not crazy enough to show them all; I don't want you to howl in the night that I was on a seafoam toot.

Water World and Summer Dream:

It's the berries:

See, that wasn't too bad. Summer Dreams is Bambi, It's the Berries is Alexa, and Water World is Rose. Don't even ask how I dyed up 3 different yarns without getting confused.

New yarn: I just got in 20 skeins of the most delicious lace yarn: merino/cashmere/silk. Over 800 yards of loveliness in a weight that's not skinny-minny like Zephyr but not as heavy as fingering. Not superwash, so you'll have to wash by hand, but since when would you put a lace shawl in the washer and dryer? I hope to start playing with it next week. Cost? Not sure yet. I'm guesstimating about $35-40, although the $40 seems a bit pricey for Miss Mingie here to charge. We'll see.

What do you have to look forward to besides yarn and more yarn: the 2 scarf patterns that I've been showing you. Fairy Leaf and Titania's Waltz. The Hubbo will do his PDF magic on them and I'll offer them at $5 apiece or together as a collection for $9. Maybe tomorrow on Ravelry and Monday on Etsy.

Holly - these are wonderful! I'm so tempted but which one?

Henya - Mwahahahaha! Evil laugh!

Caffeine Girl - The Hubbo just has to wave his magic wand!


Holly said...

speaking of dolls to wear certain shawls - have you seen these?

Henya said...

Oh, they are so good, I am really in love with The Berries. Yummy. And more yarn is coming up!

Caffeine Girl said...

Can't wait to see the patterns!

Sylvie said...

I'll be buying one of those patterns for sure!


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