Friday, June 26, 2009

The Yarnarian Blathers On!

Yup, it's Friday, the day that nobody buys yarn or reads blogs. I haven't figured out why, but it's true for me. Still, I feel like a good blather, so this will be written whether it's read, or not. ;-)

Knitting News: Remember the violet blob I showed you the other day? Here's a pic of it in not so blobby form.

I love knitting on edgings, even though it takes me at least 10 tries to get it right. I knit and frog, and repeat until I'm happy. And then, I knit 2-3 repeats and decided that I'm not happy, so frog again. It's not particularly difficult to frog; you just have to catch the live stitch that you're knitting together. And now I'm hoping I have enough yarn. I dyed up 600+ yards of the lighter violet, and it should be enough, but you never know. I have visions of me running out 2 repeats from the end. Gnashing of teeth. Then I'd have to frog, always catching that live stitch, and make a narrower edging, which would defeat what I want to do with it. So, cross your fingers, toes, and eyes that I make it. You just never know. These are very short rows, but I need way over 900 rows in total.

Dyeing news: I had a grand time dyeing on Wed. I wasn't in the mood for it, but went ahead anyhow, and ended up thoroughly enjoying myself. I decided to base many of my dyeings on a particular dye, and randomly picked scarlet, and then watered down the scarlet to more of a coral/pinky scarlet. All four of these yarns is scarlet-based: Jabbersocky, Flippy, Jibber, and Liebe.

Before I went scarlet crazy, I had some leftover dye solutions from Monday, so here are the results of that dyeing: Dulce, Belleza, Raritan and Sea Sprite.

Sea Sprite is Emily lace weight and quite delicious to knit from. That's the yarn I'm using on the no-longer blobby shawl. The reskeined ones are Penny, of course, and the others are Bambi, the Bambi with the little white blobbies here and there, the heathery Bambi.

Prices? Everybody but Emily is $20; Emily is $32 for over 1200 yards of merino deliciousness.

If you want before Etsy, you know the drill:

fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com

Have a good weekend, don't work too hard, hell, don't work at all, don't eat too much, don't yell at the kids too much, don't hell at your parents too much, be kind, try to repair the world a little. Do not ever yell at your Grammie or Gramps. Oh, just enjoy it!


The Yarnarian

Yay, Henya and Ruth in Ottawa - you read my blather on Friday.


Henya said...

Now, I have read your blog on Friday. I just did not have a chance to comment. "The no longer blob" looks delicious. 900 rows of edging have my head spinning. And the new colors have me drooling on my keyboard.

Ruth in Ottawa said...

Just to let you know, I for one read blogs on Fridays (and I'm sure I must have bought yarn now and then on a Friday, too...)!


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