Friday, June 12, 2009

The Yarnarian and Darth Yarnarian

I had a visit the other day from a strange character, Darth Yarnarian. Seems like this odd evil person decided to invade my dyeing chamber (AKA the laundry room).

And then as I cried: Fie! Be gone Evil Darth Yarnarian, this evil apparition disappeared, only to reappear upstairs with my new scarf!

I waved my magic wand, a wooden spoon, and said the magic words: "ipsy bipsy", and lo and behold there was a flash of fire, a clash of symbols and a roll of thunder (hey, it was pouring outside), and Darth Yarnarian went back to her evil demesne.

BTW, this is my awesome new respirator mask. Scary no? I sound like Darth Chicken when I breathe in it!

Dyeing news: I bought this amazing new lace yarn with 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/silk and I dyed it yesterday.

It is so soft and wonderful. Not superwash as I've mentioned somewhere else, but who in holy hell washes lace in the washing machine. Not moi, that's for sure. 800 yards of yarny goodness. I don't know what it will be, nor am I ready to work on it, but I just couldn't resist dyeing it.

The color is one that I wear all spring and summer, and it will look gorgeous over the browns and deep greens that I wear in the cool weather. I might have been subconsciously influenced by this top:

I wasn't wearing that top when I dyed. My dyeing clothing deserves a post all of its own, but I wore it the day before.

And if you notice, I'm modeling Titania's Waltz scarf. Yes, I know, it clashes, but this is what I had on, the Hubbo was dragooned into taking a couple of pics, as he kvetched loudly, so you get what you get.

Titania is the correct spelling. She is not Russian as in Tatiana; she is Oberon's consort; a fairy queen, and she bosses Oberon around because we women need to boss mens around, even kingly guys.

Here are the main rules about bossing mens around: they have to kill bugs, take out the garbage, reach whatever you can't, move furniture, drive if you hate driving, and make you howl with laughter. Women are so perfect that we don't need rules. Ebil laugh here. Mwahahaha. This must be the effect of Darth Yarnarian!

Off to slay evil chickens, do the dishes, etc, etc.

Sockmadmary - I don't know yet what colors I'm going to dye the new yarn in. I might take suggestions from you all, and then dye up. No obligation, just me getting a feel from what the Great International Public wants (or want as you Brits say, which I don't get, but so it goes).

Ruth in Ottawa - It's symbolic of cymbals or symbols or symbolism or botulism or...

Carolyn - The hair color depends a. on the dye job of my beautician, and b, how long it has been since the hair was colored. The real hair is virtually white, and makes me look ancient.

Holly - I have a silver gray somewhere in my dye collection. I bet it would look lovely in this yarn. Now to find it......

Ria & Scrabblequeen - It's my inner glamour that you're seeing.

Skeppie - Unfortunately it is moi. I think the mask adds a certain elegance to my appearance.

Henya - Purples and lavendars and such are one of my favorite combinations. I don't know about your part of Brooklyn with the summer aroma, but I gotta tell you that wandering through Manhattan on a hot swealtering day and walking past a pile of garbage bags is one of the delights of civilization!

CathyR - I personally think that the mask is very flattering.

Olivia23 - Can't you just see me in that mask at the MOA! That would surely terrify everyone except for Miss P and the Hubbo!


sockmadmary said...

This is so scary - you look just like I imagined! You look almost as glam as I do in my theatre (OR) scrubs!That new lace yarn sounds absolutely scrumptious - what colours are you planning?

Anonymous said...

Your new scarves are lovely!!
Hey, there you are ;) And, unlike sockmadmary, you don't look anything like what I had imagined. Now how about that?!?!?
For some reason, I thought you had light hair... Just goes to show.

Holly said...

good for you! I love seeing people being safe when they dye (and not die).

How would your new yarn base look in silver? Desperately seeking something bright, clear, and cool to knit for the opera singing offspring to wear with basic black (don't know why it is always black.....

Ruth in Ottawa said...

Um - isn't that "clash of CYMBALS", or did I miss a pun somewhere? That lace yarn sounds too good to be true...In our house, the Man is responsible for dealing with all forms of wildlife, not just bugs (like the dead bird I found in the back yard this morning, for instance). Otherwise my list is remarkably similar to yours!

Ria said...

Oh- your post today is hysterical!!
LMAO over here!!

Scrabblequeen said...

Ha ha! Love the Evil Yarnian and Rules for Men. Thanks!

CathyR said...

The new yarn is beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with it. I love the new scarf too.

Thanks for posting a picture of yourself. It is nice to see you.

Anonymous said...

Fie! You said, "Fie!" It did not escape my notice.

Wonderful post, Ruth. I suppose it's still possible that's not really you. This is, after all, the internet. How would we know?


Henya said...

I love your rules, but you missed one about taking away the dead bodies left after killing the bugs.
The new yarn is sounds so yummy! What about a mixture of all different purples and lavenders? I know I sound like Barney, but I can not help it.
Your respirator is so cool. I could definitely use one of thous here. All I can say is - Summer in Brooklyn - smells ripe.
Does it mean you will be doing powder again?

Olivia23 said...

Darth Yarnarian at the MOA ;-) (what a hoot that would be!) You look fabulous! It's so nice to put a face to our banter on Ravelry. Love your scarfs and always your yarn


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