Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Yarnarian Has a Couple of New Yarns and a Plug!

Oh, do I have a plug for you! Do you like stitch markers? Henya of ChickenStitches has just entered the stitch marker field on Etsy, and hers are different and adorable. I bought a set of cat markers and they are so cute. Now we have to convince her to make earrings. Hint, hint, hint.

New yarns: I had more but one of you grabbed 3 that I posted on Ravelry, so we are down to 2 left, but really spectacular yarns, both of which are Alexa.
Here's Purple Mountains. This one is deep purple with a bit of overdyeing here and there of lilac. I know, it doesn't look remotely like lilac, but that was the dye I used. isn't it grand? Way out of my comfort zone of pastels, but I do love it.


And then here are 2 yarns, dyed simultaneously, which is very rare for me, and using a new technique, the same one that I did on Purple Mountains. So you can buy one or both, or I can swipe one for me.

Yes, I know, lots of pics of Santa Fe Sunset, but I'm trying to show you the yarn the best I can.

I just did 10 new skeins, 2 pastel, the others ranging from dark to medium. The dark mojo was with me today. They are soaking wet, and won't be here until tomorrow, I hope.

Henya - I love your stitch markers, and now earrings? whoo hoo.

Sharon - It's sock weight in Alexa, which is very soft. There's enough yardage to make a long or wide scarf, but not enough for a shawl.

itsJUSTme-wendy - Evil laugh! It's even prettier in real life. very evil laugh.


Henya said...

Thank you very much for the plug. I am so happy you like my kitties I gave in and ordered the thingies needed to make earrings, and key chains, and lanyards... As they say "coming soon..."
I love that purple!

Sharon said...

Purple Mountains is the most gorgeous color. Just breath taking. Is it a lace or fingering weight. I think it would make a drop dead shawl.

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

OOO, I love that dark plum color! You are really tempting me aren't you.


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