Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Yarnarian Has Yarns For You!

Do I ever! I swear these are some of my best dyeing jobs. Well, they all appeal to me. The funny thing is that I really wasn't in the mood to dye, but the yarn was soaking, so I went ahead anyhow.

And then I hit the first solution and it was heaven after that. I like to do about 10 yarns a day. Yes, I really am a very low volume dyer, but it suits me. I'm not interested in speed, rather in the way the colors interact.

So here are the first 5 yarns. I'll show the rest tomorrow. Gotta spread the wealth out, you know.

Herbs and Maplewood:

Dark Emerald and Adina:

AND, the first skein to be sold of Judith yarn: Misty!

All, except for Misty are Alexa yarn. I've decided that I'm quite in love with Alexa; it is my favorite sock yarn at the moment. That of course is liable to change any minute. Whatever yarn I dye is the favorite of the moment.

Here are the specs on Judith yarn: 125 grams; over 800 yards. fine fingering weight, i.e. not skinny like lace weight, not as heavy as the sock yarns. NOT superwash. 80/10/10 merino/silk/cashmere. Knits up like a dream. I can see it for scarves, shawls. Socks? If you're willing to hand wash and want a special pair. I can't tell you how well they would wear.

Enjoy. gotta eat lunch. I'm starving!

Misty is spoken for. We have quick on the trigger finger folks here! Giggle.

Yes, I mail internationally!

itsJUSTme-wendy - You know my mantra #103.5: it's yarn, there's always more yarn, don't get into credit card debt over yarn. But I'm glad you like them.

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itsJUSTme-wendy said...

I love the purple and the green one, just love it! I wish I could afford some right now, but I will have to wait. Someday I will order some from you. I love your color mixes.


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