Monday, June 8, 2009

The Yarnarian Has Her Dyeing Mojo.

Yup although i feel it slipping away. Hm! Maybe I need to dig into my dyes and find some I haven't used in a while. That'll get me going.

I just finished up for today; they are happily cooking and will drip outside as long as it doesn't rain. I tried out a new technique for getting really vibrant colors. It works, but it just isn't me. I do love deep intense colors, but I'm much happier with the lighter end of the spectrum. Maybe that's why I love the Impressionists; all those gorgeous soft colors all mixed up. Monet, here I come.

Why the experiment? There is such a brouhaha over Wollmeise and I thought I'd try to do her types of colors. Forget it; She's the queen of deep and glorious color. I, on the other hand, can do pastels very well. So there, she pouts. That doesn't mean that I don't do those deep guys, but not often, so when you see them, grab them, because I won't do them again for a while. All this to say that I shall stay the Pastel Queen, as someone on the Ravelry Dyers' Forum called me. That's where I live and what I like to knit. I like to be able to see my stitches and patterns, and these show up best in lighter values.

Dyeing news: OK, so here's a sample of what I did on Friday. These are all Bambi. Bamboo is a wonderful fiber; it has lovely drape and doesn't take acid dyes, so a yarn with bamboo often has a heather look to it. I make socks, of course, and scarves out of Bambi, and you can also make mitts.

Here's a sampling. I'll be posting yarns much of the week, so keep tuned, and don't turn that radio dial.

Here are Dandy and Baby Love:

Georgie and Easy Living:

Knitting news: I finished the cashmere scarf and need a name for it. I have to sew in the ends; it's all blocked. And then I'll post a pic. Naturally I started yet another scarf. I found this great pattern in one of my Japanese books, changed it around and found it to be a true pita to knit. If I have to look at every single row to figure out what I'm doing, and I'm already on the second repeat, well, forget it. The pattern was nice, but not nice enough for all that work. So, instead I started a shawl done in 3 triangles. And this one is a winner. Yup, I do have to pay attention, but I'm not dealing with stitches that are not there, you know, the blanks on a pattern, and it's flowing just the way I like. Again, no pics. What, you want me to overload this already too-long post with more pics. Fie, I say, fie.

And just to whet your appetite, YarnYenta and I are doing a KAL on Ravelry. She's doing the pattern, and I'm dyeing the yarn. I'm waiting for her go-ahead to dye up. We have a fair-isle pattern here, and we want to make sure that I've dyed enough of the secondary color. Of course, you're on Ravelry, so you can ask DragonYady or SockPuppet for more details. These dear, dear friends are going to run it. All I have to do is dye and ship. Here are the yarn choices.

Color 1:

Color 2:

The smaller skeins are the ones we're concerned about. No custom orders here; there are limits to my craziness. But, if you prefer I can mix them up and do, for example, the emerald with the pink or the gold with the pink, or whatever iteration you want. But just these 4 colors. So go to Ravelry, message either of the 2 ladies, or check out either of these 2 forums, and as soon as I get the message on high from YarnYenta, then I'll dye up and ship out.

Cost? It depends on the length of yarn for that second color.

We're go on the KAL! So if you want to join, and want to buy yarn, email me with your choice. fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com

Dandy, Baby Love and Easy Living are already spoken for. So that leaves Georgie if you want. email: fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com

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Henya said...

I am in love! The #2 colorway is stunning.


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