Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Yarnarian is Heathered.

I have a new shipment of Bambi yarn (70/20/10 merino/bamboo/nylon) and this batch seems to have come with little bits of bamboo fiber hanging out on the surface. I don't know why, I suppose I could have sent it back, but I like the heathery-ness of it. So it stays. I certainly couldn't see it in its undyed stage. Off white is off white, but dyed up, there it is. And I like it. Bamboo doesn't take acid dye. I'm certainly not going to play with fiber reactive dyes just to get it to take color. The fun of the yarn is that it is not totally solid within each color, and this batch is more of that undyed effect.

Here are pics of some very damp yarn. Nope, you can't have it yet; bamboo takes forever to dry, and it's been cool and damp here, so maybe by tonight it will have dried. Maybe. You can however email if you want me to put aside.

fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com.

Oh, you know the routine. If you really want one, jump on it; we have yarn sharks here, evil laugh, and they are very quick. And they know who they are. And they are a lot of fun, and make me giggle.

Damsel and Allianora:

Gossamer and Sunlight (Sunlight is Alexa and NOT heathered; she sneaked in here)

Tender, Squawk, and Lake:

If you look closely at the darker ones, you'll see those fluffy little bamboo fibers.

Tikkun Olam: Huh? Hebrew for "repairing the world". I don't like the word "charity"; it implies noblesse oblige, which while certainly useful, seems very snobbish to me. I would much rather do something to repair the world than to give charity. It's all semantics. but from now on, it will be Tikkun Olam

So these last couple of months I've been doing a bit of knitting for the folks at the Pine Ridge Reservation, the poorest spot in our very wealthy country. A couple of months ago, I worked on knit squares for the kids in South Africa, and will go back to it again (and yes, they did arrive safely). I just thought that I'd like to help out people in our country this time. So, I'm knitting 6" squares on the diagonal, and amassing them, and will mail out to Pam, a lovely lady who assembles them and then sends on to the Reservation. You can check her out on Ravelry in the Afghan Squares for Pine Ridge Reservation forum. Pam is looking for 6 and 12 inch squares, knitted or crocheted, as warm as you can make them. This is THE perfect travel knitting. You can do it on auto-pilot, it uses up all your knitting worsted leftovers, someone gets a warm blanket, and you do your part to repair the world. What could be better?

Alianora, Gossamer and Tender are spoken for.

KV - I concede! You have THE CITY; we have Newark and Trenton.

Caryn - I have webs growing between my toes. The grass is beautifully green, however.


kv said...

sorry about the new jersey dig! and i hear you even have a new fairway, which alone should make nj the second best state in the country.

Caryn said...

Aww, I wanted the gossamer! And NJ has nothing on dampness when it comes to Maine. I'm so sick of the rain in Maine. (See, the dampness has made it into my brain!)

AlisonH said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous yarns. I do love me the bluegreens, the bluepurples, and the occasional pink.


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