Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Yarnarian Continues.

So here is the new edition of the fichu. Will this be the final one? Who knows? At the moment I like working on it. A bit of a twist here, but very pleasant. I'm not wild about the first few rows; it looks sort of dorky to me. Maybe I'll play here with another yarn. After all, how many times can a female frog a fichu?

Socks finished: Nameless as yet. I've finished the first one, and have done about 1.5" of the second one. I do love BFL yarn. So silky and woolly, and delicious. I just got in another shipment of it, so now I can dye and show you new goodies. Provided, of course, that I don't hog it all for myself, greedy woman that I am.

Now some of you are going to scream that there is significant flashing on the foot. Yes, I know there is. I like pooling and flashing and such. The only time I don't like the effect is when I'm trying to put a pattern in with it. Blech! Way too confused. But I like how the stitches on the leg worked out. I suppose I could have done this on the foot, too, but I was already bored and wanted to finish the sock. And anyhow, you know I like that crazy effect.

And just 'cause I love you, here is my latest attempt at long skein dyeing. This one is more than 8 yards in circumference, i.e. your tall hubs will have room to move around if you place the yarn on the floor and have him lie down within the circle. Did I leave it that way for you? Are you kidding? You'd throw down your needles and give up knitting if I sent you a skein that wasn't reskeined. I have 2 of these, one a fraction of an oz larger than the other (I clearly cannot count), plenty of yarn for socks. Here's the original: (note that I am winding up 2 skeins worth at a time; it's way too messy to do very skinny skeins.) The name of the yarn is Serenade. Yes, the spelling is correct. I kept making mistakes and now it's imprinted on my mind!

Here is Serenade in a much more manageable form.

Price is $23/skein because of the tons of extra work here. I might keep the smaller skein for me. I'm dyeing to see how it works up (spelling of dyeing is intentional.

German readers: How do you say: "Have you finished knitting the sweater?" I've got the "Hast du" part right, but can't remember the correct word for "finish."

Maggisen - According to DD, who is fluent in German, and has spent time in Germany, Sie is almost passe. People now use "du". I've been reading some German blogs and even attempting to correspond on Ravelry with a wonderful German designer, and they all use du. So go figure. I guess people are much more informal than they were. Anyhow, thanks for the phrase. I shall use it in my correspondence.

This Rav message writing is a riot: I read German much better than write it, and my friend barely writes English, and yet somehow we chat with each other. I want to use the sentence in a blog comment; I have a feeling that the German speakers are howling with my misuse of the language. I'm amazed at what I remember, and appalled at what I've forgotten. I've been using the Web for translation, but this time it just didn't work. So, you might be called on for more help! ;-)

Linda - I'm guessing that the larger of the 2 skeins has about 380 yards. It could be a bit more or less. It was not tightly skeined up, so I think this is about right.

CathyR - I don't do much patterning on the foot any more. For one thing, that part is hidden by my shoes, and like you, I'm tired of the pattern already! In this case, I didn't want the foot to be as thick as the leg; I want to make sure that the socks will fit into my shoes.


Maggisen said...

You say 'Haben Sie die Strickjacke beendet?' You never use 'du' in German, when speaking to a stranger or several people.

Linda said...

Fichu. Gesundheit.

I LOVE the pattern on those socks. That's not flashing, that's a wonderful patterning.

And, lastly, I'm thinking here. How much yardage in the long skeins? 400ish? Fingering weight, right? I'm thinking striped warps for weaving a scarf.

CathyR said...

I like the socks. I've been thinking about doing some socks that way, patterned leg and stockinette foot. It seems that by the time I get to the foot, I'm tired of doing the pattern and just want to get it finished. Now that I've seen yours, I'm going to do that on my next pair.

Anonymous said...

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