Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Yarnarian Has More Yarn!

Remember this from yesterday? Greenola.

Well, I spent some time (lots of time) winding it up into 2 skeins and here they are:

Here are the numbers: each skein is approx 3.7 oz, and 380 yards. That is generally what skeins come out to be after they have been dyed. Before dyeing, the yarns tend to look like string. All of them that I dye have this property. Afterwards, they will plump up. I'm not sure if that is due to shrinkage or the nature of undyed vs. dyed yarn, but there it is. The yardage seems to be the industry standard for indie dyed yarns. So what I think is approx 400 yards, is less. However, there is a lot of stretch in wool yarns, and we all put tension on when we knit or crochet, so it seems to me that a relaxed 380 yards will work out to 400 yards when that bit of tension is applied. Here's what you can do: Measure 4 inches of yarn at a relaxed state; then give it a bit of stretch as you would when knitting with it. See what I mean? And now that I've totally confused you, let me tell you the cost of these long-dyed skeins. $23/skein + shipping, of course.

When I dye up these long repeat skeins, I'll do 2 or 3 at a time. This way I can easily get the same repeats. It's actually easier dyeing a fatter skein anyhow; the yarn wants to behave much better. So now I'm going to try dyeing 8+yard skeins, probably 3 at a time. And then the color repeats will really be long!

Here are the rest of the new yarns:

Lila and Fruity Tooty

Rachel: Blue Hour and Rose Queen

See if you can embiggen one of the Rachel yarns so that you can see that little twist. It will look fatter than Penny, but that's the wonderful elasticity of this yarn. It works up to a true fingering wt. Wonderful stuff to knit on!

Not much new on the knitting front. I'm working on 4 scarves and a pair of socks, and yesterday I went back to that pretty cantaloupy colored shawl I'm knitting.

We have finally found summer weather. It's going to be 90 today. I finally put the AC on yesterday afternoon, and slept with it on. My sun porch, where I skeined up the long repeat yarn, is so hot. Hey, it's a sun porch. We are a month late in getting summer. Does this mean a later fall and winter? Who knows. We get what we get.

The Hubbo and I are going on a date tonight: We'll have a hangerber out and then the Harry Potter movie. Miss P insists upon calling a hamberger a hangerber, and so it has become.

Lila is spoken for.

Sharon - Do you have the recipe for the naan?


Henya said...

What wonders! I just love the colors you come up with!

Sharon said...

Lila is gorgeous, as is the blue one.

I had a versionof naan that had paneer raisins cherries and almond powder. We had it for desert.


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