Monday, August 3, 2009

The Yarnarian is Home and Happy!

Well, I was in Minneapolis and happy, too, but there's nothing like coming home. I'm not much of a traveler; I tend to be the princess and the pea, and the slightest thing will bother me a lot. But, going away is healthy and then coming home is just wonderful.

Of course we had a wonderful time. The family was delightful, and Miss P, being Miss P, was her usual character self. Tons of fun. That child has more energy than the other 4 grands put together. She's taking a mini-soccer course, and you have see her run and attempt to do things with the ball. I finally got to walk down to the 50th and France area. Very nice, indeed. Great food, a consignment shop that was so expensive, even at half-off. Good place to go when you need something posh and you don't want to spend your yearly income.

I did a lot of knitting on my visit. Almost finished one scarf, and made a big headway on the other one. Here's the almost finished one. My Bambi yarn. I loved doing this, but I don't like how I ended it. Who wants to sew a seam when the entire thing is picked up and knit? Not moi. So, I shall cast on in the round, and decrease within it. 2 circs, of course.

The other scarf is being knit in my new fingering yarn, Rachel. Nice tight twist, but not so tight that it wants to torque or get in the way of your knitting. This is taking a long time to knit mostly because I'm using size 4 needles. I think I can easily go up a size and still have good stitch definition. I love the yarn; it flows beautifully and feels nice on my hands. And wow, does it take dye. Yummy stuff. It's a dark colorway, but in order to see the stitches, I lightened it up a bit. Yes, it looks raw, needs a good blocking.

OK, and here's what I knitted on Saturday as I vegged with my usual post-flying clogged ears and vertigo. This is some commercial yarn that I fell in love with. I like the colors so much, but have not found a good pattern for it. So, it's become my fool-around with miters yarn. This is just an idea for a scarf for moi. I know it looks dopey; but I cast on the scarf on Sunday in an old Bambi yarn that I adore and can't figure out what to do with it. Looks soooo much better than this mess. So just take it for a practice piece.

I can't tell you how much trouble I've had figuring out this scarf. Why is it that the simplest stitches or miters or ideas always need multiple frogs? Give me the hard stuff, and I can breeze through it. Give me baby simple, and I go nuts with it. I have to remember Occam's Razor (Occam's Razor says that the simplest answer is often correct). But do I pay attention to this? Nope. I have to make things much harder than they really are. Anyhow, all is well with my plans for the scarf. It needed just a week away for me to see how simple this idea really is. Yay, Occam!

I dyed up a bunch of yarn today and the skeins are happily drying outside. We finally have summer weather in the low 80's. I'm not complaining about our cool summer; I have loved it, but it is nice to feel warm and even a tiny bit hot in the sun.

CathyR - It is good to be back. There are 2 more scarves in progress. I really need more sweaters but can't get off this scarf binge!

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CathyR said...

Welcome home. I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Love the new scarves.


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