Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Yarnarian Dyes for You.

I had a grand time yesterday dyeing up a bunch of yarns. I did 4 skeins for Goddess Knits Oct. KAL, so I can't show you the pics. No custom orders this time. I am getting smarter in my old age. Customs are so labor intensive. So this time I'm offering 4 colors, maybe 2 more if Renee thinks I should add them, and that's that! And I ordered tons of yarn yesterday for the KAL. They had better sell or I'm going to have a huge stash of lace yarn. ;-)

I'm going to break up the pics of the new yarns. Some today, and some tomorrow or Thursday. Gives you something to look forward to, you poor piteous knitters. Ebil laugh here!

So, we have 2 half skeins of Emily lace yarn (half the size, half the price, all the pretty colors): cantaloupe and turquoise

Rachel yarn (my gorgeous new 100% superwash merino with that nice twist to the yarn): Rustic and Cheri. The Hubbo loves Rustic. He told me so.

Bambi yarn: Pink Flink and Miss Mousie. Miss Mousie because I just got a new gray called Mouse gray, and I love it. So the yarn was first dyed a pale mouse gray, and then I overdyed it.

And, hold on to your girdles here, a double skein of Penny skeined out to a 6+ yard skein. It's not reskeined here as you can see, but you will get to see those long lengths of color. The colorway is called, of course, Greenola.

Price of the long skeined Penny is going to have to be $23, just because of the labor involved. I wish I could charge my usual 20 bucks, but these guys take a lot of time and effort. If anyone wants the entire 2 skeins, let me know. I can make one very fat skein out of it, or break it up into 2 skeins. Or if you prefer only one skein, let me know also. Does this make any sense?

OK, gotta go and reskein the mega Penny yarn. This should take me until lunch time. Pain in the butt business, but it is fun to do these kinds of yarn.

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