Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Yarnarian Dyes Pretty Yarns!

Yup, that's what I've been doing, in between dealing with some family crises. Do you find that knitting or crochet are soothing when you're dealing with real messes? I do too. And I also like dyeing for a bit of stress relief. So here are what I did the other day:

Judith Fingering Wt Lace Yarn: Veneer and Red! Veneer is a combo of 2 browns; Red! is really a gorgeous blue red, but my camera wants to make it an orange red. NOT.

Rose Yarns: Yup, I found some Rose yarn in my yarn room; I had forgotten all about it. Pretty Posey, Coffee-Fudge Swirl, Key Lime Pie and Choco-Mint Ice cream!

Rachel Yarn: Pond and Rainbow Brick:

Penny Long Skein (2 skeins of this one). Dyed in an 8+ yard skein, so with some real stiping possibilities: Serenade. This needs to be reskeined obviously. I do it on the sun porch, but it is already so hot today that it will have to wait.

If you want, let me know and I'll invoice you. fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com.

Red! is grabbed. I knew it would be. Tee hee.

Coffee-Fudge Swirl is taken. I admire the taste of my sharks, and you know who you are. giggle. I do wish I had an emoticon to put in a real giggle, but I don't.

Choco-Mint Ice Cream is gone.

Ruth in Ottawa - If I'm knitting in extreme tension, then I will knit much tighter than my gauge ought to be. But if I'm knitting under more normal miserable stress, as in now, then my knitting is fine. It is very soothing to do, and if I don't have time to decompress with my knitting, I'm not a happy camper.

Henya - Things are getting better in the world of Chez ruth. Thank G-d! Enough craziness for a long time. And it came in threes, so maybe there will be a nice long time after this when things just bumble along. Bumble is good.

Probably Jane - Yup, the dyeing helped a lot. So now I'm waiting for the sotm yarn to arrive so that I can get that finished. Should be here on Tues.


Ruth in Ottawa said...

I think many of us knit in times of stress. The odd thing about me is that I never like whatever it is I worked on during the difficult time; I guess it reminds me of the circumstances of its creation. The socks I knitted during the week I visited with my mother in the hospice? - couldn't stand to have them around and gave them away. I wonder if anybody else has had similar experiences.

Henya said...

I hope all things will turn out well.
The yarn colors are so lovely.

Probably Jane said...

That's some seriously beautiful stress reief you've go going on there!


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