Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Yarnarian Loves Cups and Mugs

I collect demitasse cups and saucers, and I adore my mugs. So this week when I was looking for some dyeing ideas, I decided to use a few of my favorites for some inspiration. Most of these cups and mugs have lots of white, and I dyed up BFL, which has a definite cream base. So I decided to ignore the white and concentrate on the other colors. All these sock yarns are my new Linda yarn, BFL/nylon 80/20. Unbelievably soft and hard-wearing. My British customers tell me that BFL is very strong, much better in fact for socks than merino. I know that my merino wears well. I haven't yet worn the BFL socks I'm knitting. Who wears woolly socks in this kind of heat. Yes, I know that wool wicks, but give me sandals in 90+ deg. summer days. And anyhow, I have 1.25 socks finished. So that takes care of that. At any rate, here they are.

Italian Demitasse Cup and Dainty Demitasse Cup:

Japanese Mug & Floral Cup:

Pottery Mug and Oriental Mug:

And, because I'm looking for a yarn for a pretty shawl for me, I also dyed up 2 skeins of Judith fingering wt yarn, merino/cashmere/silk, NOT superwash. Yes, if you want, I will graciously give them up for you. Hey, I know the dyer; she can always do another for me.

Tigerlily & Azure:

Off for a color job at the hairdresser. I'm sort of striped reddish brown and gray and white. I look very silly at the moment. Maybe I should do it this way intentionally. My sister is coming for a visit today. We'll do girly girl things for a few days. Fun for us!

Family crises are slowly abating. Some have been resolved, some are in process, and one is unfortunately the way it is. So it goes. We're all pretty relaxed at this stage, and chugging along as always. Thanks for your support and kind words; You know I appreciate it.

Floral Cup is taken. Smart Shark. No, not the usual Shark, a new Shark! giggle

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Henya said...

I just got the yarn I have ordered from you yesterday. It is a knitters Prozac! So lovely and soft. And yes it is living on my bed for now.
Your new colors are so tempting too. And since I love the floral cup I want it. Please reserve it for me.


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