Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Yarnarian Dyes for You.

I'm in a strange mode of dyeing oranges/rusts and jewel colors. Who knows why? Only the dyes themselves. Odd, but fun nonetheless.

So, here are the oranges: Fall, Orange My Orange, & Russet. All in Alexa yarn.

Jewels and green: Pale Green, Stained Glass & Fantasy.

And, ta da, I'm in serious Rainbow mode, so here are the latest 4 rainbows, all dyed in Rachel yarn (72 inches with lots of room for lots of colors). These are more fun to dye than you can imagine. Labor intensive, but so neat in the creativity area!

Rainbow Wine & Rainbow Green:

Rainbow Rust and Rainbow Purple

Want one before I list it? email me at: fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com

Russet is spoken for.

Rainbow Rust is grabbed.

susanB - I am truly in fall mode, although I might be bright colored out for a little bit. Next week I think I'll do some neutrals, for a change. I also have a hankering to dye up some brown with jade and/or turquoise. I love the combination. Well, we shall see!

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susanB said...

Just caught your yarn pics on the Love to Dye forum and here I am commenting! You're getting in the fall mode---love it!


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