Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Yarnarian Is Neutral

Yesterday, as I was figuring out what to dye, I had a neutral moment. I was going to do everything in calm, quiet neutral colors. And by and large, I did. I just needed a change from all these intense jewel and autumn colors. No orange, really, no orange at all! Just quiet neutral colors. The sort you can wear on your feet without attracting too much attention. Some attention is good, of course, but sometimes you just want to have that peaceful foot feeling. And of course, a soothing scarf moment never hurts either.

So, with the exception of the Long Skein, everything is dyed in Alexa, about as soothing a yarn as you can imagine. Lofty and soft, you can knit this up on teensy weensy sock needles or on 4's, 5's or 6's for scarves. Either way, you'll love wearing it.

OK, here we go:

Herb's Garden and Gray's Walk

Brown's Delight and Green Valley

And two that are not quite neutral, but fall into that soothing colorway.

Blue Toile and Violets by the River

And now the Long Skein. Penny yarn, of course, 8.5 yards, which is enormous, with a very long light blue. This one will stripe and beautifully so.

Bluebird of Happiness

If you want, email me at fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com. Please tell me if you want the yarn or are just commenting on how pretty it is. Sometimes I can't tell the difference and I don't want you to be disappointed.

Yesterday's post about Marion and her gorgeous sweaters seems to have prompted a number of German-speaking visitors to my blog. Nobody is correcting my awful grammar, so either it's OK, or they are being polite, or they are laughing their heads off. One of the neatest things about the Web is that you can view sites from all over the world, and lots of the bloggers read and/or write English. I bet there are tons of gorgeous knitting sites that we can't even get to because we don't read the language. Maybe I should take up Estonian to find all the wonderful nuppish knitting sites in that country. I wonder if non-English speaking countries have the same knitting craze as we in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, etc. Wouldn't it be fun to go yarn shop hopping in other countries?

Blue Toile is taken. If you like this kind of colorway, let me know. I can do this in any color you want.

Violets by the River is grabbed.

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