Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Yarnarian Has Yarns and a Pattern!

OK, first of all, the pattern. Finally published on Ravelry! My test knitters did a valiant job of figuring out my crazy slip stitch pattern, which was a pain to chart. So now all mistakes are theirs. Tee hee, wicked me.

Here she is, finally, in all her glory: Slip Zig Socks. Yes, I know this has been kicking around since July. Hey, all things in their time.

Speaking of socks, I donated at least 18 pairs to my sister and niece, and now I have a lot of room in my sock drawers. I guess I'll have to force myself to fill up those empty spaces.

Dyeing news:
I planned on using a bunch of my reds yesterday, and ended up using 3 of them. Somehow I got sidetracked into using a new navy dye, and my best intentions got lost. However, I'm thrilled with the results; these are my colors.

Before you look at the yarns, however, I want to show you my favorite jacket that I bought last fall at Coldwater Creek. I wore this to synagogue on Saturday, hung it up afterward and that was that. Surprise! Look at some of these colors and tell me that that jacket was not calling to me subconsciously. Strange, no?

OK, here are some of the yarns. I'll post more tomorrow. I don't want you to get overwhelmed with all this loveliness. Whelmed is just fine.

Candy Corn and Gargoyle Linda and Rose yarns:

Glory Rose (my favorite), and Harvest Home Linda and Rose yarns:

Lady Lily and Itchy Witch Linda and Rose yarns:

You want? email me at fritzL AT yahoo DOT com

More tomorrow. Gotta do the dishes and the never-ending laundry.

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