Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Yarnarian Discusses Yarn Names & Needs Help!

Where do I get my yarn names from? That is the question. They come to me in moments of madness. Let me tell you that finding names is really hard sometimes. I tend to think in terms of certain names or colors, and find myself reusing some names. I seem to like the words Breeze, Rust, Meadow, Mountain a lot. I'm in a serious rut here. I've done musical names, ice cream names, nature names. If I do one more yarn that I call Lagoon or River or anything like that, I shall scream. I'm even resorting to finding those words in other languages and using them.

So, if you have some good goofy names, I'd love to hear them. Maybe I'd dye up yarn to match the names. Forget Sludge or Scum or names like that. Also, forget Dawn or Twilight. Yarns with names like that don't sell. I don't know why; they just don't.

Wouldn't it be fun to dye up yarn that matches what I think the name means? So if you suggest Rigmarole, maybe I'll do red, and yellow, and blue, and jade or navy or orange or something that goes around in a rigmarole.

Curse words and words for bodily functions are out, too. Not that I don't like the name Fuzzbutt, but it has certain connotations that might not endear itself to a buyer. Unless, of course, you are a buyer who likes that name and the colorway that would be attached to it. I did have a cat, whom I regularly called Fuzzbutt. He didn't seem to mind it either. I do like a good curse word, but I try to run a clean Etsy store, so forget it.

If you are thinking of a certain ground hog, forget it! I know who you are, so don't even try to sneak one of those words into this blog.

Jen - That's a great idea, but how many Chieftains and Abba and Bruce songs can I use. I'm stuck in a time warp of way back. I do love classical music. I could call my yarns Symphony in A, or The Ruth Cantata, I suppose. Is this not silly. I'm glad you are suffering along with me. tee hee.

Rooie - Those are way cool names. I could do all the characters in the Canterbury Tales, too.

Scrabblequeen - I think Cardigan Bay ought to be grayish with bits of brown and black. Great idea about place names.

Sarah - And the miller, don't forget the miller.

MK - These are great!


Jen said...

You know, I have the same problem with naming yarn. And, I really try not to use the same name twice (for two different colorways), which makes it even harder.

Sometimes I go into my iTunes on the computer and look for short song titles. :)

Rooie said...

How about Fandango? Flim-Flam?

Or you could do some dances - Waltz, Flamenco, Foxtrot, Cake Walk, Frug?

Oooh...or authors! Dickens, Welty, Chaucer, Faulkner?

Scrabblequeen said...

OOOoooo...I second the dances and authors idea! Then again, place names could be nice as well. Do you have a favorite country? I might name some after places in the English, Scottish, Irish, or Welsh countryside...can you picture Cardiff Castle or Cardigan Bay?

MK said...

how about riviera sunset,kalidascope or funkadellic


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