Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Yarnarian and Goddessknts team up!

Renee, she of the amazing Mystery Shawls KALs, and I are teaming up for her Mystery Shawl '09. Here is all the info. I'm dyeing the lace yarn for this KAL, and it's very pretty indeed!

For a mere $6, you can have the fun of a mystery shawl KAL designing by a star in the field. And you can buy my lace yarn for the shawl at a reduced price on Etsy. Gotta be a member to buy those colors.

Here's how the Mystery Shawl KAL works: You pay your pittance, sign up on Yahoo, and then Renee sends you lots of info, including a little swatch for you to work up to make sure your gauge is OK. When the KAL (knit along)starts, she sends you a chart each week. You knit (OK, you try to knit) each week to keep up. When you're done, you have a gorgeous shawl. The mystery is that you have no picture, just charts. Her designs are exquisite, and there is a lot of chat for getting help. It's a lot of fun, and really there is no pressure to keep up. There are a few folks who knit like demons, and they proceed way ahead of the rest of us. Me, I'm so far behind that when I retire from retirement, I'll have lots of pretty knitting to do.

The yarn I'm using is a brand new one. It's called Carrie Yarn, is 80% merino/20% silk, has very good yardage (approx 1300 yards give or take), and is quite delicious to work on. Very soft, takes dye so well, and I like it very, very much. I've dyed up 4 colors for you to choose from, and I've reduced the price for members of this KAL. and why not? It's nice for you, and good for me, and a little price saving is always appreciated.

And that's today's self promotion.

KV - Yes, it is exciting. This is the 3rd time I'm doing it, but this time, to save what's left of my sanity, I'm not doing custom orders. If I did another custom job of this size, I'd be on your couch so fast, you would be stunned! I may regret this, but we shall see. I like Renee's patterns. I have a bunch with no time to knit them up, alas.

It's just me Wendy - see my answer above.


kv said...


itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Ok, what is a mystery shawl? I checked out the link but still don't get what it is. Its a mystery like they don't tell you what it looks like or something?
Do we all knit together, or do we just get the pattern and knit when we want. Do we share photos? Am I asking too many questions? Ha ha ha
AND... you said that you will sell yarn for it, you will have skeins that large?
OK, sorry I think that's it.


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