Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Yarnarian Finishes a Lace Scarf!

You know all those cute little triangular scarves that are so hot right how? I thought I'd do one too. Many changes in ideas, edgings and such, I actually finished my little blobby scarf last night. It doesn't look blobby any more!

Remember these pics?

Well, lookie here! The scarf/fichy/triangle is finished! Lots of pics about the same piece. It'll put you right to sleep and get rid of your insomnia.

And me, in the bathrooms, attempting to take a pic. The Hubbo is off learning how to drive a rescue squad rig, which he already is licensed to do, but he needs to get recertified every 3 years, so he's back taking lessons, and not available for picture taking. It's OK, though, he always takes blurry pics. I do too, as you can see here. So it goes.

There is a mistake in the knitting. I found it after I blocked it and I'm keeping it in to remind me that a. I'm not perfect, and b. Too bad, I'm not frogging. So there. Oh, and this way you'll feel quite proud of yourselves for knitting perfection, so I'm giving you a boost to your self esteems.

Now what to call this thing?

Debra and Scrabblequeen - Thanks. Of course now that I see that mistake, I shall see it forever.

Monika - It was a pretty wild skein of yarn that nobody wanted, so I took it for me. I kind of knew that it would work up well. It does have ice cream hues, doesn't it?

Henya - These little guys could really be addictive plus the odds of wearing them compared to the regular shawls is much higher. Now I want to play with one knitted in the other direction, starting from the longest to the shortest rows. I have my stitch count, so that shouldn't be too hard to do.


Scrabblequeen said...

I love it! Such pretty colors and a nice pattern too. Like you, I have been known to keep knitting with known errors...I am not perfect, and don't really care who knows it....which is to say, everbody already knew that anyway!

debra said...

That is really pretty. I like the pattern and the colors.

Monika said...

It's lovely! It reminds me of pistacchio and orange ice cream, mmmmh, would love that right now. Mistake? How's looking that closely?

Henya said...

Wow! This is wonderful, I think I will have to make one too. Would be a change for me, I usually make really big shawls. I have the perfect yarn for it. And it has been dyed by... you.


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