Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Yarnarian, Crochet and Slobbiness.

I've got it bad, really bad. Not that I'm deserting my knitting, far from it, but all I want to do now is crochet. I reserved a bunch of books at the library, I'm playing with motifs, and having a grand time. And, of course, I'm working on the blankie.

Years ago, I borrowed a book, Hip to crochet : 23 contemporary projects for today's crocheter, from the library and bought some Frog Tree alpaca at a yarn shop on Cape Cod. You do realize that alpaca makes me itch. Bought the yarn anyhow, in the hopes that a crocheted scarf would not itch. Uh huh. I can do delusion with the best of them.

So I bought a hook and yarn, and proceeded to happily make little motifs, join them together while I was working them, and got about 1/4 of the scarf done. Then, having mastered the technique, I got bored as usual, and went on to knitting. OK. Last night I dreamed about this scarf, and this morning decided to find it in my vast scrimmage of UFOs.

I knew where it was: in the group of boxes next to my bed, along the wall, where I put stuff I can't think of where else to put. Here's the slobbiness of the post. I am an unrepentant disorganized messy person. Hey, you have your mishegoss; I have mine. (mishegoss - Hebrew for craziness, as in a meshuggana person) OK, so lo and behold (notice the biblical moment here), I went through the mess of boxes, and there it was! Do I still have the pattern? Do I remember what size crochet hook I used? Are you nuts? Of course not!

So, now I reserved that book plus a bunch of other ones, and maybe I might finish the little scarf. It's quite cute, and I can only wear it over a layer of clothing. But who cares, I would only wear it over a turtleneck anyhow.

AND, here's the best part of my attempt to organize my mess: I found lots of yarn, a book I didn't ever remember ordering, and other assorted yarny stuff. Cool, huh? Of course it's now on top of the bed, which I haven't made yet, so in order to make the bed, I'll have to put it all away. Oh, wait, I still have all those boxes. Heh heh heh. Shall I be mature and really put it all away? Stay tuned. You never know.

PS - I did clear it up, but some of it went back into a box or two. However, I got rid of 2 boxes, so for me that's really good.

Henya - It's gotten so out of hand. Even I, who can tolerate a lot of schmutz, am not a happy camper. I did clean up the bed mess, but forgot to put away a large, heavy book. Got into bed long after the Hubbo, and couldn't figure out why I couldn't draw the comforter up to my chin. the blasted book!

Linda - The floor under the bed is already taken with the Hubbo's weird junk. Notice that my stuff is the good stuff, and his is the bad stuff. Hubs, darling, if you are reading this, hah on you. Wicked wife.

Holly - I'm going to answer you with your own post. Whoo hoo. Is this exciting or what?


Henya said...

See, so you are organized. I would just live it on my bed and let the yarn accumulate until there is no space for me anymore.

Holly said...

Basic rule - the floor is the biggest shelf in your house. If it is not on the floor, it is put away (grin)

Granny squares?

Linda said...

DH and I were just making the bed after washing the sheets. I was swearing at this box that was sticking out from under the bed on my side. He comes over, looks, and says, if you scoot all of the books on the floor over, I can move the table and then I can move the bed to cover the box sticking out from under the bed. Deal. Done. Did we clean up anything? No. But I'm not kicking that blasted box anymore.


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