Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Yarnarian Checks In.

Where have I been? All over the joint. Have I accomplished much? Maybe. I'm at that project mode where I'm working on the same old projects and it doesn't look as if I've done anything. I have, but you won't be able to tell.

Well, I did do something neat. I skeined up that 8.5 yard skein, the mega skein, into a nice, neat skein. It took me forever, and let me tell you, I worked as efficiently as I could. Winding up that long of a skein is a major project. This one is going to stripe so beautifully!

Here's the original, Bluebird of Happiness:

See that nice long color at the bottom? We are talking lots of yards here. Nice stripe if I say so myself!

Here's how it looks in a normal skein:

The yarn is Penny, approx 380 yards/skein, sock wt of course. Extra cost because of the time, serious time, it takes me to do these. I now understand why indie dyers who have done striping yarns, stop doing them: lots of labor. I, on the other hand, only do them when I feel like it, and I like them for myself, so there you have it. I really ought to use some other colors, though, I'm in a serious rut here. Any ideas, oh, socketteers?

I have 2 of these pretties available. You can buy them directly from moi at the splendid cost of $23 for a single skein or $43 for both of them, plus the normal $3 shipping if you're in the States.

fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com

OK, you talked me into it. Pics of never-ending projects!

1. The scarf that has been going on since early July. Mindless knitting, and I can't seem to finish it. Pleasant to knit, I just have been thinking other projects. I have about 3 inches to go, wash, block, and ta da, I have a cute scarf. This is done on one of my very early striping yarns. Guess what? It stripes!

Striping socks. This is so much fun to knit. Notice the pattern change in the instep. Hey, I get bored easily, and anyhow, I don't want a lot of pattern where the shoes are: the socks get all bunched up at that point, and I don't like the look.

And, the goofy little triangular scarf I am knitting. I'm now at the point where it's taking some time to do each row. I have lots of yarn so I'm going to knit until I either get tired of it, or get to the end of the yarn, whichever comes first. I like this 2 row pattern. It's done in a way that you would never expect, and it's very pleasant to knit. Not quite auto-pilot, but almost. And if you make a mistake, you find it pretty quickly. When I finish it, I'm going to mark down how many stitches I'm working on, and then do up a reverse scarf. I think that going from a large amount of stitches to the beginning ought to be a lot of fun, at least you know it will come to an end at some point. giggle.

Yes, I know, the scarf is very bright. But can't you see it on a dark, gloomy day? It's guaranteed to brighten up my face, and would be a pretty accessory for my usual dark winter clothing. One does not live by black, brown and navy alone. One needs zip. And one provides zip in her scarves.

Words to Live by: Check out today's post from http://spindyeknit.com/ and http://afewstitchesshort.blogspot.com/

No, I haven't gone all spiritual on you, I leave religion and such to you and yours, but every now and then, I read a post or two and it resonates with me. What do you think of these?

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AlisonH said...

Eight and a half yard skein? Just double-checking... You do lovely work.

And thank you for your kind words about my writing; much appreciated.

By the way, if you ever want to link to a particular post on my blog, click on the title of that post to link to and it will single it out.


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