Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Yarnarian is Sleepless in New Jersey

I had 3 hours of sleep last night. Therefore I am not responsible for any typos, ridiculous comments or anything else. I'm floating out in lala land. I was going to accomplish so much today. Nope.

Dyeing news: More pretties that I dyed up on Monday.

Pesky Pixie and Yummy (Linda and Rose yarns). Pesky Pixie (try saying that 10 times) is a very pretty combo of peach, rose, and the prettiest blue/green going. Don't ask me how I got that green color; it was pure luck. Yummy is off white with blueberry and magenta. We are talking a pretty yarn here.

Turkey Trot and Mountain Woman (both Linda yarn). Turkey Trot is a goofy rainbow of purps, greens, yellows, magentas,and whatever happens when they intersect. Mountain woman is avocado, various soft blues and purps, kind of like the mountains from a distance.

That should keep you occupied for an hour or two.

fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com

Did you look at the silly kitten over on the right? Move your mouse around him, and he will purr or meow or move his head. If an ad comes up, just click it closed.

Knitting news: I'm working on a super secret project. OK, it's the scarf pattern for the sock club. I'm liking it a lot. No pics, of course.

I'm ready for the first nap of the day. It's not going to be a productive day at all. Ah well.....

Yummy is grabbed. Yay, Anonymous. Hey, Anonymous, if you are any mouse, are you anonymouse?

Mountain Woman is taken.


Anonymous said...

Dibs on Yummy


loriensfate said...

You know I have an account with them and they won't let me post...

loriensfate said...

Odd, they will let me do my AIM Account, but not my google, silly people.

loriensfate= Me or MaryAnn


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