Saturday, August 8, 2009


Email is back. Whew, relief!

No pics, no knitting, no nuttin. Mostly dealing with family crises, some serious, some almost serious, some pesky. You know how it goes.

My ex in in very bad shape, in intensive care and I'm feeling rather sad about it. Yes, he is my Ex, and for very good reasons, but he is my daughters' father, and I feel sad that he's in such bad shape. Mostly I feel bad for my kids. I long ago made my peace with him. I reasoned that I would have contact with him forever given that he is the DDs' father, and to carry around that load of anger was just not healthy for me, so I moved on. Forgiven? Maybe. It's all irrelevant. I'm so happily married to the most wonderful and weird Hubbo in the world, so who cares what happened so long ago.

My poor MIL suffered a fall and broke some bones. This poor lady has just not felt well for quite a while, and a fall like this on top of a serious fall of a few years ago is just awful. Luckily she lives near my BIL and SIL, and they are the point people when she's ill. The Hubbo and I have many conversations about the necessity of being physically near a kid when we get older. Taking care of an elderly parent when you are many miles away is impossible, and it isn't fair to expect the child to uproot herself/himself from a job and family to take care of you. Nope, it's your turn to move near the caretaker.

On an up note, I happily engaged in knitting lots of projects. No new pics to show you, but I'm quite content.

Lilacs 4 Angels - I'd say the Washington kids; they can share the work. It really is such a responsibility. BTW, do you have your living wills done? My ex did nothing about this, and now I fear my daughter will have to make decisions that no child should have to make.

KV - One of the best things about growing older is that I can look at him now without all that negativity which which I viewed him before. What's done is done, and I have gotten on with my life. The sadness I feel is that a human being with so much ability could have made such a mess of his life. At least my kids will have some closure with him one way or the other. Neither one has had much to do with him for years. So, in some sense, this is a good misery.


Lilacs 4 Angels said...

I agree...hubby and I are planning to move closer to our kidlets and grandkidlets...only problem is which one as right now all three want us by them...two are in Washington (Seattle and Vancouver/Portland) and one is in Missouri

My ex passed away last year...I was also sad because after all he was the father to my daughter and son...

v said...

funny how those exes (even when there are no kids) find a permanent place in yout of the more burdensome things about being older is just all that past that somehow follows you around. good luck with everything!


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