Monday, August 17, 2009

The Yarnarian has a couple of new scarves.

Did I scare you yesterday with that long post? Sometimes blogging is a stream-of-consciousness moment. But today, I have a couple of pretty pics. Well, I think they're pretty. I don't know about you.

Nameless Scarf 1: This is the one I've been working on forever. It seemed to move at a snail's pace, but oh, was it worth it. It is drapey, and deliciously soft, and I'm going to wear it a lot this coming fall and winter. And here's the neat thing, the thing I didn't expect: It's reversible! Cool, huh? I don't think the pattern is meant to be reversible, but it works out that way. So no matter how you flip it, it'll look good! In the pic on the chair, the left one is the right side, and the right one is the wrong side. Just the opposite in the first pic.

This was done in my new Rachel yarn with #4 needles. I think it might have gone faster with #5 needles, but 4s are what I grabbed so that's what I used.

Nameless fichu 1: This is knitted on an unloved skein of yarn. There it sat, unbought, and I finally decided to put it out of its misery and knit with it. And you know what? I like the cheeriness of the fabric. Even the Hubbo, who tends to deem such colorways as beyond hope and/or clown barf, likes it. I can see me wearing this on a rainy, dingy day over a dark color, perhaps navy. It would perk me right up. Such is the fun of variegated sock yarn; it's relatively inexpensive, you get a lot of knitting out of it, it can be unpredictable (which I love), and you get a cute scarf to brighten up your day.

The yarn is Bambi, and I love working on it. Size 5 circ needles, and knit back and forth.

Other news: I'm in the process of catching the Hubbo's cold. The temps are in the 90's, summer came late, and I'm living in AC. Usually, I don't keep it cold at all, but we both feel sufficiently crummy that I've actually put the temp at 77 degrees.

I won't get to dyeing today; I have 2 major errands to run, and I don't want to push myself. My sister is coming for a visit for a couple of days, so I want to be in good shape to do girly things with her.

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