Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Yarnarian Blathers As Usual.

I took this picture this morning and have to show it to you. We are just at the beginning of leaf change in northern NJ (we're about an hour west of New York City), and I happened to look out my window at the back yard when I spotted this. No other leaves on the trees on our property have changed. So this was a delight to see. This is my favorite time of year, and I'm ready for a bit of leaf peeping.

New Acquisitions: Look at what I found at a rummage sale last week:

It's an old skein winder from Italy. I don't know how old it is. It's small but has a good wing span and it works. It cost me 2 bucks and I think it's adorable.

These 2 ladies arrived in yesterday. When I have time to do anything from either of them is not the issue. I just love looking at them. I used to be an expert at stranded knitting. Now it bothers my wrists too much, even when I do it slowly. BTW, knitting slowly seems to put more stress on the wrists than zooming along. I have to knit in moderation here. The projects are very up to date, but not crazy. The author has the intelligence to knit them in the round, although she does set in her sleeves. Me, I pick up the stitches from the armhole and knit the sleeves down. No seams except for the shoulder join, and that I do with the 3 needle bind-off. I like the book a lot. It has some charming garments. I'll probably just drool rather than knit, although if my wrists decided to behave, well then I'd knit. In my dreams, unfortunately. I would love to go back to Fair Isle sweaters.

Now this is a fascinating book, very different from anything I own. I have got to play with this one. Truly the most avant garde stitches around, and I think they will be challenging and delightful to knit. The projects are way too weird for me, but the stitches are amazing. I don't particularly care if they are reversible; I just find them fascinating.

Dyeing tomorrow. I had lots of important errands to run, so tomorrow's the day. You can thing Evil Colorways. Some of my customers are pestering me for Halloween sock yarn: evil, and dangerous, and witchy, and goblin-y and such. So I went to the library and raided the Children's Room for some good creepy illustrated books for ideas. Mwahahahaha!

Caryn - Snow? on Tuesday? That's it; I'm not moving to where you live.

Holly - How old do you think these things are? I don't think they are very old, even though they look slightly shabby. Leaf change is now officially here; I'm seeing it more and more. A big change from yesterday. I love this season; the only thing wrong with it is that it turns into winter.


Caryn said...

Here the leaves have all turned; we'll be out of leaf peeping season within the next couple of weeks. Snow predicted for Tuesday...

Holly said...

haven't seen leaves changing here yet. In some places, they seem to be going from green directly to the ground without the benefit of color and gleam.

Like the toy (got one of those also on a flea market several years ago) and waiting to see how long it is going to take for my copy of Stranded to arrive


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