Monday, October 5, 2009

The Yarnarian Has a SALE!

When? From now, Mon. Oct. 5 through Wed. Oct. 7 I'm having a sale in the Etsy Shop! Why? To celebrate being in business for 2 wonderful years! How much? $2 off each yarn! I don't do this very often, maybe once or twice a year. But I started my little business in October of 2007, so I thought that I'd celebrate and give you all a little reward. Right here:

Knitting news: Remember the scarf I was designing and knitting for the Nov. sotm shipment? The one that had maybe 3-4 rows to finish? That one? Frog Pond! The entire megilla. Frogged. I took one look at it and didn't like it. It looked OK as I was knitting it, but I didn't like the end result. So, as usual, I frogged, and am now about 1/3 of the way through the new design. Gotta tell you that the first scarf was fairly mindless to knit. This new one is evil, well in keeping with the Wicked Women theme. She's not auto-pilot. You have to pay attention to her as you knit her. Wicked Woman, indeed. Heh, heh, heh!

On a happier, less stressful note, I've come this far on my Ten Stitch Blankie. I rather like it. It's hard on my hands, even with knitting only 10 stitches on every round, probably because I'm using a size 9 needle, and that miserable Noro yarn, Silk Garden. Miserable because I don't like knitting on a thick and thin yarn and in worsted weight, to boot. Beautiful colors, but I can't say I'm enjoying knitting this. Still, I like the way it looks, and I do only a little bit of knitting on it to keep my arm pain down. Yes, I know it doesn't look very even, it'll behave once finished and steamed.

Crochet scarf coming along very nicely. Attic24 is to blame here (along with my sister). I'm now crocheting a scarf. I've crochet a scarf a few years ago, but now I'm back with a vengeance. The trouble is that it is not easy on the wrists and arms. Still, a little at a time, and I might just have a pretty scarf.

Sneak Peak at a new yarn I just dyed!

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Linda said...

nice crocheted scarf. hang in there you can do it. yeah sister rah rah rah. (feel better?)


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