Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Yarnarian Weathers the Storm.

Whoa, did we have wind yesterday. I'm talking serious wind. No rain, just wind. Fortunately I was cozy inside when it all took off. I timed it right. See all those little brown objects on the lawn? Pine cones, from the pine tar tree.

And then the interesting mess on the patio. Yes, I know the patio, built in 1952, needs to be redone, so just ignore the slates. Notice that the light weight plastic furniture did not fly anywhere at all. There's some law about this, maybe a variation of Murphy's Law.

And the umbrella that was in the table and flew away. Poor large umbrella.

Bread: I always mean to take a pic of my breads and never remember to. This morning I remembered. Here it is. Deep slashes and you can see a teeny bit of the filling. Just a normal semolina bread. This time I patted it out, and sprinkled with sesame seeds and an herbal shake or two. A few days ago I put the sesame seeds on the crust, and of course they fell off as we sliced the bread. So, I'm not a dummy; I put the sesame seeds on the inside. Mighty tasty too. I did cut into it when it was still warm. The inside had fully cooked, but it still retained some heat. Oh my, is it delicious! I think I could single-handedly finish it all by myself.

Dyeing news: No pics, but I dyed like a crazy woman today. Certain customers, and they know who they are, have been at me to do Halloween yarns. So I did. Witch, Vampire, Ogre, Sorcerer, Troll, you name it, I dyed it. I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely they came out. Evil yarn! Mwahahahaha! Pics tomorrow.

That's it, gotta go and rinse the cooling yarn, and then eat a bit of supper. Hmmm, toast and an egg, my everyday favorite.

Heathwitch - These are right up your alley. Witchy and saturated colors. And ebil, of course. Not totally ebil, we have a few nice folks here too. Well, maybe not.

Ria - That really was a scary storm. I'm glad you kid got home OK. I was so gald to be home and off the road! No jam on this bread; it's a savory loaf. I just put up an egg bread. That one I might roll out and spread some apricot preserves on it. I love apricot preserves. Oh, yeah verily forsooth, I did mention Halloween yarn. Pics tomorrow; they kind of soggy now. And bamboo takes forever to dry. forever.

DragonYady - I'm going to throw that yarn at you right now, soggy as it is. Here it comes! Duck!

itsJUSTme-wendy - You had the wind too! Interesting that none of the trees lost their leaves; it's too early here for that to happen, but now part of my back yard is covered with pine cones. Sting is growing on me; I've put in an order for that CD.


Heathwitch said...

That looks like some storm -- glad you're all okay and the damage isn't too bad. Take care of yourselves, y'hear? *hugs*

Your bread looks gorgeous! Me, I rely on my breadmaker way too much. Heh. :)

Oh, and *Halloween* yarns?! You just know I'm gonna be interested in the Witch one, right? LOL :) Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

Ria said...

I was pretty worried about my 17 yr old driving in that wind yesterday.

The bread looks absolutely yummy! Where's the jam??

Halloween yarn? Didst though mention Halloween yarn???

dragonyady said...

See, I told you Halloween yarn would go over big.

Remember I get a purple, black and green yarn, you promised. :)


itsJUSTme-wendy said...

About the "Sting" CD, I laughed so hard! I love Sting! I have many of his CD's.

The wind blew real hard here too. Branches down all over.


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