Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Yarnarian Promised Purple!

And she lived up to her promise. 6 very pretty yarns, each of which has purple in some form or other in its colorway.

Obviously purple and friends: Pretty Maids, Valley, and Mistress Mary

Subtle Purple. Yup each one of these has purple, but you might not recognize it because I blended it with other colors. Sneaky Dyer!

Quite Contrary, Growing Garden, and Blowing Wind:

All the yarns are Bambi with that wonderful bamboo feel and heathery look. So darn soft you'll want to just hang the skein around your neck and snuggle with it.

You want? fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com

Knitting news: Same as yesterday - I'm plowing my way through my UFOs. I did start a little crochet ripple scarf last night. Frogged it my usual 5 times, worked 6 rows and then discovered that somewhere I made a counting mistake. I think knitting is very much easier than crochet, but I like the look of this ripple so I'll persevere. No pics because the dumb thing needs to be frogged again. Sigh.

I actually put the heat on in my house. It was 63 Farenheit (don't ask me Celsius, I think it might be 17.2 but I really don't know), and it's really chilly outside, and my poor little body is cold. So I put it up to 65, and it went on. And I'm still cold. I do not want to put on a sweater on the first day of October. Barfo.

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