Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Yarnarian Posts a Quickie.

Check out this site! I know nothing about it except what the blog says, but thought it was a very interesting idea. No wool, though. Sigh.

Some Etsy sites (Caveat emptor; Some of these I haven't bought, just been intrigued)

These are tried and true favorites: Neat pattern magnets. I just bought one.
The cutest stitch markers going. And she's a very nice lady too.
My favorite American Girl Doll clothing maker. I'd love to buy them all!
My very favorite soap seller!

Shops that look nice, but I haven't bought from. I'm interested, though.

Night nite!

Linda - Anything custom done is a colossal headache, although dyeing for the lot of you doesn't seem to be that way at all. And doing a custom sweater? Never again, ever, ever, ever. You and I are much better off doing what we do at this point in our lives, no?

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Linda said...

Long ago, in a previous life, I did custom color-matching dyeing for interior designers. While it's a great way to learn about colors, it's also a real PITA. Designers are very, very picky and do not seem to understand that a color in, say, a floor tile, will never ever look the same in a yarn. Very, very close, but not the same.


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