Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the Yarnarian's Sale is still in force.

May the force be with you! Go forth with force and buy some yarn. Clean out my shop. Make room in the closet and the yarn bags for more yarn, 'cause I have more yarn on the way. You need this yarn; you know you do. And it's on sale. Geez Louise, do I have to shout? BUY YARN ON SALE! You are getting sleepy, you are wanting to enhance your stash, you need purty new yarns even though every closet in your abode is bursting with yarn.

Enough of that!

Future Dyeing News: I have tons of yarn about to be delivered to me in the next couple of days. Alexa (80/20 merino/nylon), Bambi (yup the amazing bamboo one), and Rachel (the gorgeous one with the nice tight twist). Here's what is new, and not here yet, but I paid for it yesterday, it's off the boat, and here it comes: MCN, aka merino/cashmere/nylon! Sock weight, superwash, oh my goodness, how can I put this on my little feet yarn. No name yet, but I have 2 more wonderful family names in my pocket. AND then, 8-ply superwash sport wt yarn! I didn't order too much of this one because I know that it really doesn't sell all that well. The secret is that I ordered it for me to make a sweater or two. I've seen it undyed and cuddled with it and it is delicious yarn.

And speaking of delicious yarn, here's another newbie that won't be listed until the SALE (the one where you are supposed to buy me out!) is over. But you can drool if you wish. This one is an experimental yarn. I played with it just for the fun of it, figuring if I didn't like it, I could always overdye with navy. So it has random little runs of color and then is overdyed and overdyed again. I poured, I splurted, I squeezed, I overdyed, and got this cutie! Bambi yarn!

Sweet Violets:

Knitting news: I've done something nasty to my shoulders and it seems to be exacerbated with knitting and/or crocheting. Bummer. I am in such a mood to work, and really need to take some time away. Please send me a bit of knitting and shoulder vibes so that I can play away. Double bummer. Oh, and my knee hurts, so send me knee vibes while you're at it. Ah the joys of aging. Where did my memory go? More vibes needed. But as my Grandma used to say: if you don't grow old, you die young. So I'll take the little aches and pains, but not the ones that affect my knitting. Those ones can get lost, right now. Bummer.

Linda - You are one scary lady!

Holly - I'm switching projects also so that I work with different picking motions. It seems to help. and then yesterday I got a flu shot in my left shoulder, and it hurt little me. whining. A little stim in that muscle would be purty good. I should have mentioned it to the doc when I got my shot, but we were busy discussing the Mommie, and the Mommie is top on my agenda. I should probably not knit for a month or two, but I'd be very very unhappy here. Ah, you can't win.


Linda said...

Vibes 'a commin---GET BETTER, GET BETTER. And as the old Jewish yenta Yetta Gen says--"GET BETTER, GET BETTER" Enough mit da vibes. Knit, crochet and dye yarn NOW.

Holly said...

option on the shoulders.

Change the way you knit. If you normally pick change to throwing. If you normally throw, learn how to knit continental.

Knit left handed (or right).

But first - Stand in front of the mirror and check your shoulder's range of motion. (see what your Hubbo can do if you have any question). If you have a serious lack, a visit to physical therapy is in order. Pain is one thing, losing function is something else.

(no charge)


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