Friday, December 19, 2008

The Yarnarian Announces the Fiber Baristas!

Are you intrigued? Well hold onto your hats, because this is such exciting news, and I am so proud to be among this stellar group of dyers.

Flavor of the Month: Postcards from Home

We are really pleased to introduce a brand new yarn club from a group of fellow dyers who decided to come together to offer a flavoring of yarns on a monthly basis! Not seen anywhere else, this club will offer yarn flavors from nine different and unique dyers.

Each month, you will be treated to yarn from a region of the world that'll include a yarn painted to reflect some aspect of the region it is coming from as well as information from the location the dyer represents. To tantalize your senses a little further, we have several dyers from different regions of the USA, one from Canada and one from Great Britain who all offer their unique view on handpainting yarn. You will indeed be treated to different dyeing styles in this club!

This club is going to be fun - won't you pull up a chair and join us for a flavorful cup of yarn on a monthly basis?

Want all the info as it comes out? Here's where to go:

Is this not an intriguing yarn club? Wait until you see the list of dyers! We are talking top-notch here!

Velma - Me, being me, now I'm getting nervous about it all. Thanks for the kudos!


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