Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Yarnarian Plays With Dolls and Eats Her Words.

Knitting these little sweaters is soooo much fun. I know, all of you who don't have a doll to knit for think I've gone off the deep end. And before I owned one, I thought that knitters who "wasted" their time knitting these things were silly. "What a waste of effort", I thought. Seriously, this is like eating potato chips. You finish one, and then you have to do another one.

OK, my excuse is that I am doing this for Miss P. It's a very good excuse. But you all need to go and buy a cheapie knock off and knit for it. Maybe it's the small size, but even the Hubbo is fascinated with it. Last night I finished this little cutie, and mentioned that I was going to do a top-down dress next. Says he: "You'll need to find a pattern." Says I: "What, are you nuts? I could do a pattern with my eyes closed and my needles in my feet!" And I can and will.

Here she is: Miss MillieLillie in her new garment. Notice that I shaped the back of the collar with short rows to have it lay nicely. As if Miss P will notice, but I did.

And while I'm posting pics, Jo of Celtic Memory brought up the topic of Eriskay Ganseys, and asked me if I had a pic or two. Yes indeed, I do. Back in the '90s or maybe even the '80s I knit a bunch of these. The kids own a couple I think. And here's what's left of mine. They've been worn to death, and it's starting to show. Plus the pink one was knit when people were wearing wide sweaters, so it's rather full at the bottom, but I love it.

Here's the pink one:

And here's the gray one. Notice the underarm gusset and the shoulder strap knit in the "corn" stitch. I was doing this rather seriously. the little bloop in the center is just a spot where I didn't smooth out the sweater.

I didn't use the real gansey yarn for these because I don't like knitting with it.
And now, thanks to Jo, I'm getting that gansey urge again.


Carolyn said...

You make small sweaters look way cool!
And, ah, the designs. :)
Your ganseys are incredible, too.

Sharon said...

Love all the sweaters, large and small. The collar on MillieLillie is beautiful and rolls so smoothly. Next time I put a collar on a sweater I will remember that.


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