Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Yarnarian is Back.

I'm back after a wonderful MN vacation. It was a wonderful trip and I had a great time, and now it's good to be back home with the Hubbo.

So here's what I learned on my trip:

1. 6 year olds can out-energize me by 58 years. Miss P is loaded with energy. If we walk, she runs, hops, skips, jumps. If we sit, she squirms and wriggles. The neat thing is that she can sit still and concentrate when she needs to. What a kid!

2. I can survive -degrees in the frozen northland provided I have the right clothing.

3. I really, really like Minneapolis! Well, I have always known that, but since I'm always out in the frigid temps, except for the birthday visit, I still love it even in winter.

4. I like the Mall of America. I know it's non-uppity to admit that, but during the week early in the morning, it's a great mall.

5. I like the 50th and France area a lot. We never had a chance to get to the hotsy totsy consignment shop, but I looked into the window, and I could do some damage there.

6. I miss light rail. Hey you can't have everything.

7. It's good to be home! Yup, New Jersey wins.

No pics because I didn't take my camera with me.

Miss P loves her AG doll. I knitted 2 sweaters while there, but no pics. Sorry about that.

American Girl Doll info: the doll is a tad bigger than my cheapie knockoff that I got from Amazon. I can still use Sweater Wizard for proportions, but I will make future sweaters about 14.5 - 15 inches around instead of 14". Make the sleeves wider also, and decrease less. Someone on Ravelry mentioned that she bought one of the original dolls about 17 years ago, and just got a new one to knit for and the older dolls are definitely smaller than the new ones. Just for your info.

Also, the AG dolls are much better made, and the hair is awesome. You have to get something for that price! If the doll is out of your price range, the knock offs are still pretty darn good. You don't have to impoverish yourself to get a nice doll.

Dyeing News: While I was away with no dyeing to do (and to tell the truth, I didn't miss it at all), I started thinking about 2009, and what I want to accomplish during the year. I like a challenge, so I am going to have a different theme for each month. And I may just dye up 2 skeins simultaneously which is the max I can do, just so that folks who want considerably more yardage can have it.

January's theme is going to be Fairy Tales. I have the year pretty much blocked out, but if you have any neat ideas, let me know. Nothing is written in stone except for Jan and Feb. And I always like your feedback.

I'm still noodling around with the idea of a lace scarf club. It may or may not happen. It's mostly a matter of time; I have 2 of the scarves done, and I have to write them up. And the dyeing is always fun. Just when I start is the issue.

Business news: I'm fighting it tooth and nail, but I may have to go up a tiny bit on my yarn prices. My cost has gone up during the last year, and I've absorbed it, so it all depends on what new yarn purchases cost. Not a great increase; maybe a buck per skein, but don't worry, I'll keep it as reasonable as I can. I know that money is tight, so you know I won't knock my prices way up. And anyhow, I'm cheap which means that I assume you are also cheap, ahem frugal, know good value, whatever. If this happens, it won't come for a while because I have a good stock of yarn on hand. And it may not happen at all. And now I've frightened you for no good reason. Bad Yarnarian!

Also, there is a mail increase coming up (blech); that'll add about 20 cents to the shipping. I personally hate paying shipping charges, but that's the cost of shipping, so what can I do?

Oh, I hate ending a post on such a negative note. So, let me tell you that any wicked witches in fairy tales have their yarn already dyed for them. Before I left for vacation, I went into wicked witch mode, and have some lovely gloomy, witchy colors. Evil laugh here: Mwahahahaha!

KV - And a Happy Hanukkah to you and yours! Eat a lot of latkes and take a lot of Tums.

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