Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Yarnarian Wishes You and Yours

A Very Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, A Happy Solstice, a Happy Kwanzaa, and a general good day to all!

The vertigo is going! I'm so high this morning on feeling well, I can't even begin to tell you! There's only one thing good about feeling crappy: it's so good to feel better!

Quick, go look at this poem. It's so cute!

The Hubbo has half day today, and will go to Trader Joe's after work for his daily TJ treat and then we're going out for lunch at Dabbawalla in Summit. Mm. Indian food. And they serve masala dosa. I love masal dosa. I could have one every day!

I'm baking chocolate cupcakes to take to Judy's tomorrow. I found a great recipe from scratch and it uses baking chocolate, which has no soy, so Judy can have some.

Knitting news: I'm making great progress on the second lace scarf, which I can't show you. If I pace out my knitting into small doses and I alternate projects, I can get a lot of knitting done. It's all in the interest of keeping the wrist stress from arriving, so I'm very careful.

I'm getting a bit of startitis, but I'm trying to hold off as long as I can. Once I start a new project, all the others play 2nd fiddle.

Health news: Doesn't that sound ominous? Nope, it's not. Yesterday the 2 docs, who are both in their 40's, and fit as can be, and I can a discussion about exercising. I stopped going to the gym about 10 months ago, and have been back very occasionally. So everytime I go, the next day everything hurts like crazy. Not the usual post ex aches and pains. No, the real pain. So, you know that then I don't go to the gym, and the whole cycle replays itself out again and again.

Well, these guys told me that it happens to them too. You take a lay-off, you go back, you hurt big time. It's normal. Now here's the neat thing: they have just hired an awesome physical therapist who is also a licensed trainer, along with her Ph.D in pt. Neato, huh? I've an appointment with her next week to get my kinks out and get me back into shape so that I don't destroy my body, and then get me back to the gym. Is this not great?

So my vertigo was had a good result.

Relax tonight, girls and boys. You've been relatively good and will not get the dreaded lump of coal. May Santa and all the helpers of every faith and non-faith and atheism, and whatever I've left out, bring you an evening of peace and joy and good food, family, friends.



Jan - Thanks. and to you too.

Ria - Some day we just might meet! Who knows, I may have bumped into you somewhere in Morris Twp! Have a happy Christmas!


Jan said...

and a Merry Christmas!

Ria said...

Holiday Happiness from my family to yours!


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