Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Yarnarian Has Pictures.

I do, finally some nice new pics of yarn and projects.

A Winter's Tale Scarf for me knitted out out an almost solid Alexa yarn. I made it a bit longer than I usually do, just to see the yardage. It's about 60 x 5 inches and is so soft and cuddly. I wore it yesterday into Brooklyn. We went to Bubby's for lunch and hung out by the playground so that the Benster could have some fun. It was damp and chilly, but my neck was toasty and warm. I like this yarn even better for scarves than for socks; it must be the softness factor! I'll post the pattern on Etsy and Ravelry as soon as I get it written up.

It was delightful to knit, even though I had to frog it 5 times. I just wasn't paying attention at all, silly moi. Once you get into the swing of the pattern, it's so pleasant. Not auto-pilot, but not very difficult either.

Knitting News: I started these socks last night out of Rose Yarn. The poor skein had been sitting unloved in my Etsy shop, and I liked it, so I grabbed it. The advantages of doing your own dyeing.

These will be called Rapunzel's Braid. See that braided cable and that lacy pattern that swings back and forth? Those are the braids. Just in case you couldn't figure it all out.

I'm doing a theme for Etsy for January: Fairy Tales! And I remembered this lovely braided cable and thought of you-know-who. So here she is. I was going to put a lacy ruffle covering the cable, but I don't think that a gal stuck in a tower and trying to get out would use lacy ruffles. She's much too practical for that.

The gansey is proceeding nicely, and I have about 8.5 inches done. And I've started a Revontuli shawl in Kauni, but no pics because there's nothing much to see.

Dyeing news: The first fairy tale of January is going to be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. So, here is a first peek at the yarns to be listed.

1. Snow White - see her black hair, white skin and rosy lips and cheeks? And she's wearing a gown of green with gold trimming.

2. Here's the glass case in which she rests until her prince comes to rescue her.

3. The huntsman and the mines.

The prince:

Other yarns are in process for little Snow White.

More news and pics coming as the week progresses.

Wow! You all really like Snow White and her buddies. That's so nice to hear. I was going to dye up this afternoon, but got back too late from the Mommie's Chanukah party. So instead I made up a list of what I want to do for each fairy tale.


Jen said...

Oh my, Ruth. I am loving the Snow White yarn. And the socks, and the scarf.

Quiltersal said...

Oh, my! I'm lovin' that Snow White yarn! Good job, Ruth!

kv said...

so clever! the yrans look great, especially love the huntsmen.

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

and what lovely pictures they are! Yarn yarn yarn and more yarn Yay!

CathyR said...

Oh my, oh my. I love the Snow White yarns. I just may have to have some of them.

Bev said...

Ruth, love the Snow White yarn I hope you dyed lots. The new sock is great let me know when it up for sale I got to have it.

Ria said...

I want snow white!!! ( scarf looks great)


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