Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Yarnarian and the Lump of Coal.

Holiday Spirit: I, unfortunately, have never experienced any holiday spirit from anyone ever. It's talked about and written about, and yes, there is probably a Santa Claus, but folks, people are not nice to each other these days. You know what I mean: You open a door at the post office for someone, and she doesn't say thanks. Some poor guy is trying to get out of the gas station, and no one will let him in. (Or conversely, some twit pushes ahead of you in line at the airport because she or he is a Very Important Person.)

So this year, as a RESOLUTION for 2009, let's try to pass something forward every day. Be gracious to others, and they just might pass it along during the day. Life is especially tough this year. People have lost jobs, and it's killing us all around. No, you can't support the country, but maybe you can just try to be nice to someone. It's a two way street here: you do a kindness, and you then feel very nice about it all day long. You do what's good and just imagine where it might take you.

We need real holiday spirit 24/7. None of this ersatz stuff. The real McCoy!

AND, this is not a rant! It's a plea for civility and kindness and goodness. so go and do it or I will know and you'll be sorry. I call this my "lump of coal" effect. I and Santa and the Chanukah elf and the Solstice Spirit will know what's going on, and if you're not good, you will get the lump of coal. You'll become a rotten person with no concern for others, and I'll write nasty things about you all year long.

Oy, the dizziness has infected my brain. No untoward or fresh remarks here, although I probably deserve it!

I went to the doctor yesterday; my sweet Hubbo drove me, because I was a bit too-whacked out to drive.

Yeah, I have the normal positional etc. vertigo. He gave me a bit of steriods and had the chiropractor adjust my neck. It really cleared out my sinuses, and I liked it. I could get addicted to the neck adjustment.

Anyhow, I'm going back this morning for another run of it, and hopefully will feel a lot better tomorrow.

ENUF of the kvetching!

New Poll: I posted a new poll. Why? I like to post them. Must be the librarian gathering data part of me.

This one is asking about lace scarf kits. You all were not exactly overwhelmed with desire on a scarf club; but then only 11 people voted. And you know I'm on the fence here too.

So now I'm thinking of a scarf kit with 3 color choices in the yarns for each kit. Whaddya think? This is a bad time to take any poll, I know, so it's going until mid-January.

If you want something lacy for me to do, whatever it is as long as it's not illegal, pornographic or fattening or has too much salt, let me know. I'm not in great idea mode but want to do something. OK, I can do a porno sock thing. Um, I'm tempted to delete that last sentence, but just can't resist leaving it in!

Holidays: We have managed to forget to light any menorah 2 nights in a row. This could end up being a virtual Chanukah! I'm back to the better spelling of Chanukah because it has the gutteral as the first letter, and that's the way it's pronounced. No, you don't have to spit the Ch part; just a soft back in the throat gutteral.

If I don't post before Christmas, have a wonderful holiday and health and happiness and keeping jobs to you and yours.

And, just in case you were worried, I'm getting ready to put on Christmas music on the radio all day tomorrow and Thursday. I'm already filled with the Chanukah spirit, and will add the Christmas spirit as well. (No, you dingbats, not booze. I'm allergic to booze; it does bad things to my body.)

Grace - Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year to you and yours. And congratulations on the Elann shawl! I keep meaning to tell you congrats, and I keep forgetting.

Ruth in Ottawa - Hi, fellow retired librarian! Sheri has it right. Of course she can afford to give away prizes. I'm just a teensy, weensy dyer out to build a deck onto the back or the house. ;-)

I so like the idea of civility; it's lost, but then I suspect that it was never around in big quantities anyhow. People talk it but don't walk it. I had not one chance to practice PIF today; the universe behaved. But I thought it, so that was good too.

KV - Yeah, vertigo is making me cranky. I've now had the latest edition for a week, and it's gotten old pretty quickly. Just when I think I can go, go, go, I turn my head and I'm so dizzy. I think it's beginning to get better, what with the meds and adjustment, so hopefully I'm good by the end of the week. It's a most unpleasant illness.

Susan - anything counts. ;-)


Grace said...

Merry Christmas Ruth and Happy Chanukah to you and yours

Ruth in Ottawa said...

Love the idea of the "pass it forward" acts of niceness. Has the whole world forgotten about courtesy and civility? Let's try to revive them. (Sheri at the Loopy Ewe is running a Random Act of Kindness contest, a similar idea but with prizes; check out her blog comments for inspiration.)

Happy whatever-you-celebrate-at-this-time-of-year, from a similarly retired librarian/knitter/spinner in the cold snowy North (i.e. Canada)!

kv said...

sounds like the vertigo is making you extra sensitive to all kinds of things. i hope it gets better fast, and do enjoy the music!

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the holiday wishes, and I am sending the same back to you!! :)
As for the "holiday spirit", I hear you. I think it disappeared about the same time as consideration for others and selflessness. Thanks for a very well thought out post - great ideas and food for thought as well.

Anonymous said...

Umm, I gave a candy bar to the electrical crew fixing the lines that are down from the ice storm. Does that count? (It seemed like they needed a little something extra, since they must have been working the last 24 hours non-stop.) It wasn't strictly holiday spirit, but I was thinking it might keep them going another few minutes!



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