Friday, May 8, 2009

The Yarnarian Blathers Randomly.

Do you like these goofy quizzes I post on top of the blog? They are so silly, and I'm addicted to them.

Knitting news: I finished my scarf. I'm calling it the Taos Scarf, mostly because it reminds me of Taos. Brilliant reason I think. I liked Taos, I liked Santa Fe. I wanna go back. Josie is wearing her, and I think the doll looks quite adorable wearing a scarf 3 times her size.

I divided up my ball of yarn into 2 halves, and worked with both yarns: 2 rows with one, and then 2 with the other. I started in different places, but look how it worked out. Fascinating, isn't it. I know that some people analyze their variegated yarns to get their desired results. Me, I just love the randomness of it. This was so pleasant and so easy to knit and memorize. I'm going to bundle this scarf along with this one, and do another one, and then sell the 3 as a pkg.

Here's the next yarn. I swiped it from the store. Nobody loved it, and it kind of spoke to me, so I shall have fun playing with it.

I'm thinking of calling the pkg: Mindlessly simple scarves. My kind of knitting, you know.

Even the lace one I posted earlier. the one with the 2 values of violet, is fairly easy. It will get a tiny bit tricky at the next stage of its existence, but it moves nicely along, and is wonderful in real life.

Henya and Ruth in Ottawa - Mindless is pretty much where it's at for me these days. Ah the joys of no longer having to prove myself. Now I can just motor along without too much work. and yup, these lace babies are not difficult at all. First of all, I rarely pattern on the wrong side. Secondly, if you can read a chart, you'll understand them in a flash.

I started the third scarf, and have to frog, but I only knit 4 rows, so it's no big deal. It needs the first row to be garter stitch I think, just to make it behave.

Now the real lace scarf/shawl, that has a bit of garter on the wrong side and takes a bit more concentration. The fun stuff will come when I finish this part of the scarf and them move onto the circular part. Now that's fun. Not mindless, but pleasantly challenging.

Oh, and Henya, so I found a Pesachdike fleishig knife that I missed while putting it all away. Now it's in a plastic bag; heaven forbid it should come in contact with reg knives. so it goes.

Sharon - The only doll around when I was little was the Betsy Wetsy doll. We war babies were lucky to have her. What I do have is a kid's upholstered rocking chair, given to my when I was about 18 months old, so sometime in 1945. I gave it to my kids when they were little and promised it to the first one to have kids. So, DD, the mother of Miss P got it for Miss P.

Linda - It's the librarian in me and my age too. Grammar and grampar were drummed into our heads. I'm sending you a smooch for those tired little fingers and hands. Let's hope the next one is easier, although they tend to get harder as the end approaches.

CathyR - I saved that yarn for me for a long time, and frogged the scarf a few times until I was happy with it. I like it too. ;-)


Ruth in Ottawa said...

I'm all for mindlessly simple! That scarf is beautiful (loved the first one, too!) and certainly doesn't look "mindless". I'm all agog to see the third one...

Henya said...

The colors are gorgeous. I have not been able to find my brain since Pesach, so mindless gets my vote.

Linda said...

Ack! Look what I've been missing. Slaving away at SM and here you are making pithy comments about everything from dolls to language. Except, of course, I'm now afraid to write anything because my grammar is frequently off and my punctuation, well, not even worth considering. I "could of" paid more attention to that in school. lol

PS - drats! those yarns are sold already.

CathyR said...

Beautiful scarves. I love the Taos scarf, the colors are so pretty together.


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