Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Yarnarian Scores Big! Thank You, Sweet Hubbo!

This morning, the Hubbo went off on his usual weekend garage sale forays and came home with a mother's day present for me: an American Girl doll, replete with a couple of outfits, the loom, 2 wonderful wood chairs and various vases and goodies. Josefina! She is simply the most beautiful AG doll I've seen, even prettier than Elizabeth or Kim. Black hair in a braid, oh she is lovely!

So, me being me, I asked if there were any other AG dolls and he thought that there were 2 others. Back the two of us went and I got Molly and the now-discontinued Samantha. Lots of clothing, both contemporary and period. All of this for a pinch more than the price of just one AG doll. Whoo hoo. So here's my haul:

Molly and Millie Lillie (my original knock-off doll):

Samantha and Josefina together and Sam by herself:

Some of the accoutrement that came with the girls:

And then, to top it off, we wandered into a sale in Chatham and found this adorable little chest:

Is this a coup or what! So we got home and I immediately cast on some sock yarn to make Josie a pretty lace shawl. Clearly they all need lace shawls. And then Miss P and the Principessa Rose need some, too.

These dolls are for me. Can you imagine a 65 year old broad owning and dressing dolls? I've gone over the furry edge, but they are charming, and very pretty, and when the grandgirls visit, they can play with them.

It was a lovely day to share with the Hubbo, and then I plopped on the couch in the afternoon southern and western light, and took a delicious nap. A most wonderful day. Yeah, the Hubbo!

Caffeine Girl - The truth is that I always thought that adult women with dolls were wacko. Um, not. The adult women in the family are entranced with these dolls and their clothing. And I'm talking about the ones who are so totally not into kids and dolls. There's something about these dolls that evokes a childhood that nobody ever had. Well, whatever! I'm entranced & the Hubbo is bemused by it all. He sees it as a financial coup. OK, I'm just a little kid at heart. You win.

CathyR - Are we in our second childhood? It seems to me that it's much better the second time around!

Sharon - That sounds good: I'm officially a doll collector. Now I need to buy a bigger house for all this junque!


Caffeine Girl said...

Well, your secret it out. You're just a big kid!

CathyR said...

Wow what a haul. I was sad to see that Samantha was discontinued when I saw a recent AG catalog. She was always one of my favorites.

Don't feel bad about collecting dolls. I'm 50 and collect mini Disney toys. I have a whole window sill full of them and they are always one of the first things I buy when we go to Disneyland. In fact I got some new ones a couple of weeks ago.

Sharon said...

What a wonderful haul. I love the Josefina doll and Samantha is lovely, too. And great clothes. The chest is perfect for dolly clothes.

Hey, don't apologize for dolls, you can just say that you are a collector. :)

sharon said...

I was a Ginny doll collector in my childhood. I still have one intact doll with a trunkful of clothes. My daughter played with her, and in a few years my granddaughters will play with her. But I secretly covet the AG dolls. You got so lucky, Ruth.


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