Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Yarnarian Finally Gets the Scarves Pattern Up!

Finally. I did it. Individually for $5@, or as a collection for $12.50.

Cute, no? Available on Etsy and on Ravelry as a collection, saving you $2.50, or individually for $5 apiece.

More vacation pics and blather later. I have got to get my act together. Yeah, right!

Henya - They're so easy to knit. Once you find your rhythm, you can zoom through them. Think Chanukah presents. Nah, think scarves for you.

Jen - Thanks.

CathyR - Thanks.

Holly - Thank you.

CottonScarves - Josefina does look rather pretty draped in a scarf. ;-)

audio conferenza - Thanks.


Henya said...

Those scarfs look very pretty.

Jen said...

Beautiful scarves!

CathyR said...

So pretty.

Holly said...


Cotton Scarves said...

Dolls raped with scarf’s looks very beautiful.

audio conferenza said...

cute !!!


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