Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Yarnarian Plans Her Projects.

I'm taking everything with me but the kitchen sink, and if I could knit that, I'd take that too.

1. The never-ending gansey that I started last Dec. I have a sleeve and a half to go, and it's coming with me. If I could do 15 minutes/day on this thing, I'd get a lot done. And I really want to wear it next fall.

2. The socks from this last sotm. I have 1/2 sock to do, I love the design, and I want to wear them. Pics in the future.

3. Cashmere lace scarf that I started yesterday. I bought the yarn at the Stitching Bee in Chatham, NJ. One gorgeous 400 yard skein of cashmere, and not even a budget-buster at that.

4. Green sock yarn scarf that I started also yesterday. An unloved one that nobody wanted. Hah! So I swiped it for moi, and I'm loving it. It's Penny yarn, so not that soft gooshy yarn of Alexa or Bambi, but soft enough, and it works up like a dream.

Assorted other yarns and projects in my head: 1 skein of Zauberball yarn, that I also got from Judy's store.

I don't know what I'll do with this one, but I think yet another Diagonal Mitered Scarf might be in the works. I don't want to waste those long colorways on my feet, but want to use it where it will show up. Or maybe some diagonal thing or other. I'll play around with it. How about a diagonal thing with some slipped stitches where the colors change? Hmmm.

What else? A skein of sock yarn, maybe from my stash of non-PennyRose yarns, for another sock.

That should keep me occupied for a week of sloth.

Finished object: The neat Rolling Waves Scarf that I've been posting pictures of. In real life, it's just lovely. The Hubbo thinks it's great, and so do I. Talk about utter, total delicious semi-mindless knitting: this is it, and great for those yarns that are just too busy for patterns.

I'm just thinking of another way to use this pattern. Hmmm, yet again. Maybe I'll steal yet another yarn.

BTW, if you can think of a better name for this scarf, let me know. This was the best I could come up with. Wavy Lace has been used to death. Hunter likes the name "Shimmy" scarf. I do too. Now to remember this.

We'll see what I actually accomplish. Aw, who cares; I'm out to enjoy myself and knit what I feel like doing.

Hunter - You're right: there's no such thing as wasting socks on feet. I just want this colorway to shine through. Also, I'm on a real scarf knitting binge. Socks are kind of off the front burner at the moment. You are one smart cookie!

Mary - I'm glad she likes it.


Hunter said...

It seems clear it's a shimmy scarf...look at how those long stitches shimmy and shake their way across the fabric.

And really, this? "I don't want to waste those long colorways on my feet." I'm not sure I can let a remark like that go unquestioned...feet are the perfect place to put lovely things. There's no such thing as wasting when it comes to socks.

Henya said...

I love the name "Shimmy" for the scarf. It looks very nice. makes me want to knit one too.
I see that you and I are of the same mind when we pack. I usually have at least a suitcase of projects when I go anywhere.


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