Friday, May 1, 2009

The Yarnarian Chats.

Tea: I'm a tea lover. Black tea, oolong, mate, rooibos, you name it, I like it. OK, not much of a green tea or white tea person, but the rest: mmmmm.

And this covers just the black and oolongs. The rooibos and other herbals are in another area. Is this goofy or what? Tomorrow the Hubbo and I may go to Harney's in Millerton for some refills. If I could live on tea with an occasional piece of homemade bread, I'd be a happy camper.

Devices: As you know, the Hubbo is an engineer. And as you also know, engineers come in 2 categories: those who are deadly serious with no sense of humor whatsoever, and then the mischievous ones, the ones who have to tinker with whatever they find, the ones who have to take apart objects or who buy weird and wonderful junk at garage sales just to see what they are. Guess where the Hubs falls: yup, the latter group.

I adore engineers, geeky intelligent guys, but they are just a bit off the center. The Hubbo refers to many objects as "devices". Do you know what a protection device is? an apron. So when we have messy food, the Hubs puts on a protection device.

Do you know what a window device is? We have a sunporch with the oddest size windows in the world. A couple of them are so wide that I can't pull them down when it rains. So, the Hubbo being an inventive sort of guy, came up with a window device: a large sheet of plastic that I can lean into the window. Ergo, a window device.

The Hubbo is adorable, funny and inventive, and just a bit odd. If you're reading this, Dear, you do have to admit that you're just a bit off center. Me, of course, I'm perfect. If you believe this, then I have a bridge I can sell you.

Dyeing news: I have a new, somewhat labor intensive technique, which is producing the most wonderful colors. It's a 3 part process, and I'm in love with it. I'm also playing around with white. It could be that everywhere I look, there are white blossoms, but whatever the reason, white it is. So, here are a few of yesterday's dyeing session.

Gray's Paint and Fairytale:

Pretty Lady and Morning Glory:

There are a few more that I haven't photographed yet. So, guess what? These are all sold already!

That's it! I'm off to a knitting meeting that I haven't attended in months. I really really need time off to play, and I'm so looking forward to this. Talk to you maybe Sunday or Monday.

Have a nice weekend, enjoy your Sabbath or if you could care less, your weekend.

Mary the Shark (new name): Aren't those guys just the goofiest characters? And funny! He makes me laugh all the time. I swear that in the first year I knew him, I laughed more than the previous 50 years put together. Does yours tell chicken jokes?


sockmadmary said...

Ha! I KNEW there was a reason I like you so much - I have tea running through my veins as well!AND I'm married to a guy just like your hubbo (this is SO spooky!!)Have emailed you re the latest yarns - stepmum "stole" most of the first batch from you - recognises quality when she sees it!!

sockmadmary said...

Chicken jokes? Oh yeah!!! AND really, truly awful knock-knock jokes. I'm a firm believer that laughter is the real glue that binds a couple together - if you can laugh at and with each other, you can get over pretty well anything life throws at you!


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