Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Yarnarian is a Mindless Knitter.

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The fact is that I'm a very lazy knitter. I like to do mindless or semi-mindless knitting. I can do quite complex projects, but choose not to. So back in 1972 or so, I stumbled upon EZ's Knitting without tears, and that was that. No more seams for me! No way! Pick a pattern, fit it into my schematic and just go with the flow. I haven't looked back since. If I can't do it seamlessly, I don't knit it.

Same thing with socks. Play with a pattern, plop it into my usual sock formation and off I go. I did play with toe-up socks for a bit, but that takes some thought. Well, no it doesn't, but I like to do the leg first. Cat Bordhi had me going for a bit, and then I abandoned her for mindless, but I'm thinking of going back and now making some of hers mindless for me.

I adore Cookie A's socks, but all that work for socks? I'd rather make a sweater. I am tempted, however.

Take a look at this link: we are talking beautiful unusual socks. But, damn it all, I might have to think. Still...

Just for the intellectual curiosity, I want to make one of these socks, not a pair, but then what would I do with one? It is not easy to be a mindless knitter.

I've done cables, stranded knitting, all quite mindlessly, lace and more lace and still more lace, everything but intarsia. Tried that way back in the 60's. Hated every bloody minute of it and will never do it again. It just doesn't flow. Flow is all. OK, lace is not generally mindless especially on a complex shawl, but still: no seams, purl on wrong side rows. No, I will not knit lace with complex knitting on the wrong side. Not me.

Am I embarrassed? Are you kidding? I knit, therefore I am. Oh, and I don't knit high fashion, or big fat yarn. I'm little and high fashion or chunky yarn makes me look like an idiot. Besides, I love traditional knitting. Nowdays, I do traditional with a modern flare, or not. And I like to wear my knits for years and years. So no bizarre projects for me. Uh uh.

There's a point to this, but damned if I know what it is. Just me happily emoting. anyhow, go check out that link, and drool, ye serious knitters. This lady is on a roll.

Knitting News: Speaking of socks, I've just released this pretty baby. I knit her way, way back at the end of December and waited for the right moment to release her. She was the previous pattern of the PennyRose Sock Club, but I have a new one coming out for the group. Hence (notice the word), she is now available, that shameless hussy.

Flower Garden Socks! Available on Ravelry, and occasionally on Etsy.

I'm coming down to the wire on my latest mindless lace scarf. I struggled with this yarn, no matter what I knitted with it, it looked dumb. I like the colorway, I saved it just for me, and then finally played with it here. And I like it. Yeah, it is a bit busy, but somehow it works for me, maybe not for you, but I'm kind of happy with it. It needs a serious blocking when I finish. Last night, I was watching the history of Native Americans on PBS, and the scarf started to look somewhat southwestern to me. Anyone have a good name for it? Something southwestern? I'm thinking Taos.

Here are pics and some of them are modeled on Josie.

Here's a little shawl just for Josefina. I'm quite taken with this doll.

Dyeing News: I have had a white moment lately probably due to all the lovely blossoms around northern NJ. These are all Penny yarn, my most versatile sock yarn, sturdy yet still soft, wears like iron, nice yardage. My only complaint about it is that it comes on cones and I have to skein it up. I make nice long skeins, and then reskein them. I can do lots of interesting color work on these 72" skeins. What you're seeing is the skeins redone in a manageable size.

White Blossoms, Pink Blossoms, Lady Peach Blossom:

Henya - I knew you were a smart cookie! No seams for us!

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Henya said...

I love your knitting philosophy. I also refuse to knit anything that is not one piece.


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