Monday, May 11, 2009

The Yarnarian Gets Crowned!

All hail Her Majesty, the Queen of Crowns. OK, I'm having my permanent crown put on my root-canaled (sp??) tooth. Also, in case you didn't know, I have an alter ego on Ravelry and she's called the Pastel Queen. No, don't look her up; she just appears to graciously remark on yarns. She is always gracious, gives a queenly wave, and generally can be insufferable when it comes to pastel yarns.

Did you have a nice Mommie's Day? I visited the Mommie and brought her very tasty dark chocolate candy. She could care less about clothing, doesn't like eating out, but give her some chocolate, and she's one happy camper. She was her usual fuzzy self when I arrived, and then snapped to, held my yarn while I wound into a ball, sat outside in the sun with me, and even went for a walk using her walker with me. Very, very good for her. She was my usual funny acerbic Mom. Oh, do I love her!

The Hubbo brought me my annual Mother's Day present: the Sunday NY Times. Don't even ask.

Hubbo garage sale purchases: A rustic chair that's perfect for the Girls.

And a chest for their clothing.

Remember that yarn from a previous post? This one?

Tried at least 4 different patterns for a scarf with it, and each was worse than the previous one. Ah Ha! I said. This calls for pattern innovation, so here's my final entry, and I like it, and I suspect it will work on lots of variegated yarns:

Cathy and Caffeine - It's easy peasy. Dropped stitches, miters, slipped stitches. Sound hard, but it isn't. Not totally mindless, but close. Im going to bundle it together with the 2 I showed the other day. Oh, and it's reversible, which I hadn't planned but there it is. I am curious to see how it will look after blocking. I hope the long sts really pop.


CathyR said...

Very pretty. A drop stitch mitered scarf?

Caffeine Girl said...

I love, love, love that scarf. Is it hard? I'm looking for gift scarves.


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