Friday, May 1, 2009

The Yarnarian is a Grammarian.

I can't help it; these 2 things drive me batty"

The correct spelling is "separate"

There is no such thing as "I could of...". You can't "of" anything at all. You could "have" done something, however.

That's the entire post!

Carolyn pointed out "ink pen". What other kind of pen is there? A pencil?

Gramma Phyllis mentioned "can" and "may". I still use those two interchangeably.

Kay-From the Back Yard discusses pronunciation issues. If you ever have a chance, go and find a linquistic atlas of the east coast, and check out just how many different ways there are to pronouncing "Tuesday". Amazing!

Caffeine Girl has a thing about "fluke" and eighth grade kids. Ah the dreaded middle school kids. I remember them well. (The library is across the street from a middle school. Need I say more?)

KV mentions people saying "yeah, no" when they mean "no". This reminds me of episodes on the Vicar of Dibley when What's His Name keeps saying "yes, yes, yes, no".


Ria said...

would you believe I actually just googled seperate??


Kay-From the Back Yard said...

I agree. And I was taught to say temp-er-a-ture, not temp-i-ture, like all the weather people do. But guess what, I looked it up at Merriam-Webster and the first pronunciation is temp-i-ture. Did I miss something or has the word changed?

Gramma Phyllis said...

Another mix up that I was trained away from by a teacher/librarian mother is can and may. If I miss used the word she would answer with, "I don't know it you can, but you may if you are able." I can still here her voice all these years later.

Caffeine Girl said...

Tell me about it. Getting my 8th-grade students to write gramatically when they don't even talk grammatically is an uphill battle.

My pet peeve:people applying "fluke" to a negative outcome. It's only a fluke if it's a good thing!

kv said...

have you noticed the new verbal tic of saying "yeah, no" when you mean no?


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